STEM tokens are on the rise [ tokens by hive-engine]

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STEM Tokens are starting to rise again, this is good news for those who use stemgeeks. now the condition of the tokens has gone up well hopefully the tokens will always maintain their stability. if you have not used Stemgeeks you may make posts related to the rules that are carried out by stemgeeks

if you want to get tokens stem you can make a post there which includes a discussion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. if you are a person who likes these things you can make a post on stemgeeks and will get Stem tokens if the curator gives a positive vote for your post.

You can also exchange your hives for Stem tokens via the hive-engine. if you are not logged into hive-engine please click this link Until now, I just got 50 steem and 50 stem power in my account. since I made posts about techniques you can see my posts there.

I hope that Stem can maintain the stability of the tokens so they don't go down. for now the graphics are very good and for those of you who want to get Stem tokens you have to wait if it goes down immediately buy for now the stem is going up.


The stem is currently increasing by about 168% you can see for yourself on the hive-engine. for calculations in dollars now stem about 0.08 $ per token. Do you think a good time to invest is up to you if you dare feel free to buy.