Put up my EFHW antenna

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I picked the coldest day in weeks to put up my EDFW (End Fed Half Wave) antenna. Here is a picture of the full antenna. I just need to get on the roof and trim the length for 40 meters.


The antenna is made up of two 10 foot poles and a 47 foot piece of wire. The following picture shows the base of the antenna.


Yes, that is a wine bottle being used as an insulator on the bottom. You can also see the UNUN attached to the bottom, that I described in an earlier post. The green wires are connected to a 10 foot ground rod I pounded into the ground for grounding the antenna and equipment in the Ham Shack in the basement.

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Creative but what if the bottom breaks? Like under really cold weather conditions?

@tipu curate.

I have taped up the pipe to prevent water getting into the bottle. Plus if it broke I would just replace it.