Igorot Garden

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Igorot Garden
Baguio City, Philippines

This is a park located at Burnham Park, I was on my way to meet my mom and sibling and I happened to pass by this park. In my whole life staying here in Baguio, this was my first time thoroughly looking at the park.

When I entered the park, I noticed that there were a lot of stalls inside which I didn't expect. I was looking at each stall and they were mostly selling different varieties of products such as vegetables, plants, fruits, and eggs. The stalls selling them came from different kinds of organizations.




But I didn't go here because of the stalls, I was more curious about the statues that were there in the middle of the park. These five statues represent different ethnic groups. There's also a Bulul which is a rice deity. It's the smallest sculpture. I noticed that some of their weapons were already broken.

I went closer to the statues and I saw this sign that says Cordiller Freedom Monument. They put this monument to honor the people who sacrificed to protect the highlands and the heritage.


This park will always be known as the place where people play chess. I remember when I used to pass here when I was in high school, there were a lot of old people gathered around the tables and were challenging each other playing chess.

When I went there were some people just hanging out and resting and I noticed that this was also a meet-up place for some people. I thought that there would be other unique things that I could see here but to my disappointment, the only thing that was unique here was the statues. The garden didn't have that many flowers that were blooming and the surroundings were kinda dirty.

I hope that the government would make efforts to make this place a lot better.




Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Wow! I have been to Baguio less than twenty times already, I did not know this exists, thank you for sharing. I will surely visit this place once I made a trip again to Baguio.

It's just a small park po hehehe. If ever you have gone to the night market, It's at the end near the intersection.

Stay safe always po! Thanks for visiting!

Aw! I just barely missed it. I've gone to the night market twice but I never went at the end.

Wow! I literally miss Baguio. I hope I can visit there again.

Awww, I hope that you'll be able to visit again. Let's just hope that this pandemic will end soon

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