08/30 Days Blogging Challenge Pt 02 Ep 08 :- My Believe That Is Going Weird To Believe Them..

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I am not sure I have a crazy believe, not any that I can think of which sounds crazy to the ear. Maybe because I don't hold superstitious believes too. There are some thing which are not part of science and only culture can explain, mode in which many things have been passed down from generation to generation sometimes create this mythical ideas about life.


I think we all have that superstitious believe each and everyone hold about life, I've come to know many of those myth were actually made to teach us a lesson, buy we've learnt a lot from them anyway, even passing them to out next generations, as fables, myths, legends and so on. They all have one thing in common, moral lessons to learn.

I've never met anyone who thinks my believe is crazy though, I think I go with like minded friends who are like me, we think alike and so share the same common goals so therefore, a crazy believe is out of the picture.

Ill still day some superstitious believes though, from each the crumbs of sugarcane on the floor and cleaning it off because it is believe that it brings scorpion. We also have some mental hygiene believes too which goes from cleaning a place immediately you do any dirty things there or else some bad consequences will befall you. All the same, believe is part of our lives.

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