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Hello and welcome to my blog, I'm @daniky. This is my entry to the 30 days blogging challenge an initiative of the #bloggingchallenge community. Kindly follow me as i reveal twenty (20) facts about me.

  1. My Full name: My full name is Daniel Kayode OGUNMILUYI. Though my hive username is @daniky while my general nick name is Kaysider.

  2. Only Son of my Dad and mum: Though i come from a polygamous home but remains the only son of my mum and dad, while others are step siblings from my step mum.

  3. Place of Birth: I was birth in Lagos and spent most of my childhood and adult life at Abuja. It is usually known that a person is a citizen of a country of where he/she is birthed. So, I'm a Nigerian by heritage.

  4. Strong passion for Engineering as a career study: As it is good for one to go for what he/she has passion for, our parent desires might be different to this regard. I'd always wanting to be an Aeronautic Engineer but my Dad wanted me to become a medical doctor. Since he never allowed me, i had to dance to his tune, but today, I'm a Biochemist.

  5. I love Children: I grew up having good passion for kids. I love playing with them and most of kids likes me naturally at first sight which shows that whatever you picture, you'll surely capture.

  6. I detest lies: One thing i dont like is having a liar as a friend. Many Ladies even like guys that lie to them, but I'm not that type of guy. I stand for nothing, but the truth.

  7. I Love tales and story books: I read books at moderation but most are usually storybooks and tales by moonlight videos. "Merchant of Venice was one of my favorite, "Lord Ravenscar revenged" and others. Stories made my day worthwhile from childhood.

  8. I Love solving Mathematical calculations: I grow up into loving maths more and more. It makes me feel energetic and passionate.

  9. I'm Emotional: Women are said to be emotional when it comes to love than men. When i love, i love with totally and passion. But I've come to realize, life doesn't work that way anymore in this dispensation. So i had to regulate the intensity of my emotions not to over rule me. Today, I'm getting more emotionally stable as days goes by.

  10. I've been told that I'm down to Earth: One thing i believe in life is that we are all dust and will definitely return to the dust of the Earth one day, and this calls for us to remove the ego and sobberly reflect on our daily life as we live. So what's the need for pride? Pls don't get it twisted, it's not a means of low self-esteem but of consciousness to the fact that we are all strangers on Earth and will definitely return to where we come from, One day.

  11. I Detest Cheating: When in a position of honour, never use your position to deprive people their legitimate right to whatever is in your custody.

  12. I Love encouraging people: It's my hobby to encourage people to do the needful, or the thing or take the right step towards a predetermined course in life without giving up.

  13. I'm jovial and reserved: An adage says first impression really matters in life when meeting someone for the first time. I never judge by that because it takes time to know who someone is, not just our instinct.

  14. I love exercising: I like going for a work up to strengthen my muscles and ligaments.

  15. I like watching football than playing: That's my new custom.

  16. I plays the Piano: I love music so much and keep hoping to grow better in playing of music instrument.

  17. I love research work: from education to other field of study

  18. I was told I'm sacrificial: This is my inherence. I love putting smiles on people's face because that makes me happy.

  19. i love wearing shorts: This is when only I'm home.

  20. I love neatness: An adage state that cleaniness is next to godliness. So that's me.


Thank you for your time and i wish you a remarkable moment wherever you are. Pls stay connected as i post my. Thanks and God bless.

My appreciation goes to the Admins of this wonderful #bloggingchallenge initiative. If you wish to know more about me click here. I wish to invite @olawalium and others hiveans to be part of this wonderful #bloggingchallenge.


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One Love from @daniky


Thank you so much for the honourable mention. It means a lot. I will try and join. Looks interesting and cool.

Thanks for the acknowledgement sir @olawalium😊. I'm indeed, inspired by your daily poets. It means alot not just to me alone, but the hive community as a whole. I got to know you months back through my cousin, @starstrings01.

I feel so honoured and deeply humbled. Thank you so much.

you're welcome sir😊 and do have a pleasant moment.

Wao your last name it´s so long hahahahah i don´t even know how to pronunciate it...

😄Lol, that's my surname, "Ogunmiluyi" to be precise. Most of my friends can hardly pronounce it hither. Anyway, that's a uniqueness.

Oh myyy hahahahahaha but it´s cool

These are great qualities. I bet you would be amazing in the keyboard. Try making videos often.

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Lol😄, thanks so much for the great comment. Your suggestions are noted.

Happy to hear that. 🙂

I never knew you had interest in aeronautical engineering. This challenge is great, really making me know you more 😊.

Thanks @starstrings. If i could have my way, i might still go for the Aeronautic Engineering, but time wants for no man.😊

I'm with you on the cheating one.

I guess we're of a like mind @aaliyahholt. To be candid, Cheaters have no iota of empathy. Thanks for the comment.😊

Heyyyyy!! it's about time I stopped by to read to you, wowww I enjoyed you so much! I'm very impressed by the truth, firstly because of your name, I think that when I tried to pronounce it I did it very badly hahaha thanks to God your username is easier, I also wanted to study engineering, in fact if I was studying it but I ran many risks when I went to the university so I had to leave it and dedicate myself to teaching dance, there I realized that I love children like you, it is very nice to know that you get along with them, that shows that you are a noble soul, full of patience and love, it is very interesting to know that you are an emotional boy, I have known some and it is tender, also those girls who like you to lie to them are going to live unhappy all their lives, having a boy who loves you and tells the truth is the most beautiful thing in the world, I have more things in common with you than I thought, is this a coincidence? hahaha being surrounded by sincere, humble of heart and faithful people is what we should always look for without any doubt, I enjoyed reading this post now I know you a little more, greetings and hugs from Venezuela 😁

wow😃😃😃😃, I'm really flattered and in short of words. Emotional tears almost rolling down my eyes this moment😢. To be candid, you're of a like mind with me and this is indeed, a desirable trait and coincidence. You have a good sense of humor. Thanks a million for the great comment, I'm indeed, humble and flattered this moment. It's really more than a nice moment knowing you more😊 friend @sugarelys