30 Days Blogging Challenge #Day 8: "5 Current Goals"

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Hello and welcome to my blog, I'm @daniky. Today is the 8th of November and the day 8 of my entry to the 30 days blogging challenge, an initiative of the #bloggingchallenge community. Kindly follow me as i share with you my "5 Current goals".


A journey without a goal is futile. This is a quest that is required to be fulfilled for success to be attained. I will like to share with you My 5 current Goals. This goals will be restricted to the hive blockchain because this is the decentralized financial stand that is built with the quest for attainable goals with zero capital. Kindly follow me as i proceed to my 5 current goals;

1. To reach a threshold of about 50,000 Hive power by the end of 2021.

To be candid, it hasn't been easy priming up to an 100 hive power since when i got onboarded on hive by June, 2020 due to several unforseen circumstances. I had to take my time and some days and weeks off on hive to learn more about #Hiveblog and the reward system on the hive blockchain. The little knowledge I've gathered so far have been keeping me moving towards attaining my desired goal. It is said that "A journey of a thousand mile begins and ends with one step at a time". I wish to also support others on the blockchain as i grow too.

2. Rebuild and grow my #Leo earnings.

#Leo is a token powered by hive blockchain technology. The #Leo token is among the tokens with high market capitalization on #hive-engine and coin market cap. Many authors and curators on #Hive are unware of the #Leo token which has gained more value over the weeks. For the purpose of those new to leofinance, the way to access your official leofinance dashboard is to login to leofinance.io. I will elaborate on this in m u next post.

3. Build my #Neoxag Power

Many users on hive are unaware of the neoxag token powered by the hive blockchain. #Neoxiancity also has its interphase running on the hive blockchain. The current price of neoxag is affordable now to buy which calls for investors to take part in this meaningful opportunity before it grows their neoxian account.

4. Gear up my ctp power to about 700ctp.

In order to attain this height, It will require great deal of financial discipline and more blogs from my side as an author.

5. Create a user-friendly and beneficial community on hive to benefit both the authors and curators.

This have been one of my soul desires. Research is still going on regarding the needs. Happy sunday

My appreciation goes to the #bloggingchallenge team (@cwow2, @tripode and @starstrings01) for this wonderful initiative. I also wish to invite in and out their to be part of this #bloggingchallenge. Thank you.


Kindly follow my blog @daniky for more update. Your support, reblog, and comment will be well appreciated. Thank you




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Great to see some of the best tokens in your goals post... LEO, NEOXAG, CTP, and of course HIVE are some of the gems on this platform... I hope that your accumulation will bring you nice staking power in the future!

Good luck and keep on creating!

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Yes i hope so too😃. Thanks for the great comment and support @thisisawesome. @ph1102 thanks so much. You're indeed, awesome 👍.

50,000 woooow that´s a loot! hahahahaha When you reach it I hope you will not forget us poor people, who were your friends first hahaha


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I should start posting about LeoFinance more! They are rocking the standars

Create a user-friendly and beneficial community on hive to benefit both the authors and curators.

What kind of community do you have in mind?👀

Yeah that's it friend. Leofinance is the big deal at the moment. The value of the leo token is blazing by the seconds. Regarding the Community, I'm still discussing with my brother "@starstrings01"on that. Though in the context of my post, i meant the hiveblog communities as a whole.

I didn't quite understand hhahaha but if you prepare it you will always have the SMILE server to start, if you want.

hahaha😃. Not now, probably by mid next year. It's not an easy task to run admin of a Community on hive. To be candid, It's tasking and entails at least, 85% level of commitment. I'm not so serious about that for now.

Tell me about it... we are getting used to this one.

definitely we're getting used to this. The one I'm havit in mind requires weekly tasks to run. Once it's almost time you'll know about it 😊.

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