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Traffic is something I know of and very use to but coming to the accident part of it is something I don't wish to experience in my life.

El tráfico es algo que sé y muy útil, pero llegar a la parte del accidente de ella es algo que no deseo experimentar en mi vida.


Luckily for me, I haven't been involved in any form of accident but I have seen many on the way and never really experienced the process and that's because every time I am in traffic, my mind isn't entirely in the road (Not when I'm driving). My mind is always on my phone, and it is mostly during traffic situations I find time to do stuff on Hive and Discord.

Por suerte para mí, no he estado involucrado en cualquier forma de accidente, pero he visto muchos en el camino y nunca realmente experimentó el proceso y eso es porque cada vez que estoy en el tráfico, mi mente no está completamente en la carretera (No cuando estoy conduciendo). Mi mente siempre está en mi teléfono, y es sobre todo durante las situaciones de tráfico que encuentro tiempo para hacer cosas en Hive y Discord.


I have also lost good people in an accident and it was quite painful. The last one was a friend from Mechanical Engineering Department. She was on in a bus when suddenly the bus brakes seems not to be functioning well, with fear that the bus would end in a terrific accident, she jumped out of the bus. That's how she got smashed by an incoming trailer.

También he perdido buenas personas en un accidente y fue bastante doloroso. El último fue un amigo del Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica. Estaba en un autobús cuando de repente los frenos del autobús parecen no funcionar bien, con el temor de que el autobús terminara en un accidente fantástico, saltó del autobús. Así fue como fue aplastada por un tráiler entrante.


She died in fear and in pains. It was not only painful for her alone but also for her friends. She was a beautiful young lady and just graduated as one of the best student of the department with a distinction result in Mechanical engineer.

Murió con miedo y dolor. No sólo fue doloroso para ella sola, sino también para sus amigos. Ella era una hermosa joven y acaba de graduarse como una de las mejores estudiantes del departamento con un resultado de distinción en ingeniería mecánica.


It was hard to know she died like that. It was painful someone who was kind, pretty and smart would leave the world at such a young age. I was scared hearing this because it was unexpected. I was scared that death could come anytime without notice.

Era difícil saber que murió así. Era doloroso que alguien amable, bonito e inteligente dejara el mundo a una edad tan temprana. Tenía miedo de oír esto porque era inesperado. Tenía miedo de que la muerte pudiera venir en cualquier momento sin previo aviso.


I sobered in my hearts thinking about the parents of that girl. Thinking about how far they had gone training, spending, caring and suffering for her upkeep. I hope such never happens or better said; I pray that I never experience this with myself or any of my friends.

Estaba sobrio en mi corazón pensando en los padres de esa chica. Pensando en lo lejos que habían ido entrenando, gastando, cuidando y sufriendo por su mantenimiento. Espero que tal nunca suceda o mejor dicho; Ruego que nunca experimente esto conmigo mismo ni con ninguno de mis amigos.

Have you ever been in a traffic accident, if yes then feel free to share with me how it happened.

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Traffic from where I'm coming is really a normal day routine, Interesting you're taking advantage of the traffic with your phone by being engage.

Really feel sorry for lossing your friend it's very painful, accident has cost us lots of friends still appreciate for being alive today.

Do stay safe.

Thanks a lot. Yeah one must appreciate the gifts of life. I appreciate your comments.

Oh no! Sorry about your classmate. Accidents are usually unpleasant and I would not wish it on anyone. I've been just once but thankful it wasn't serious. These moments make us sober considering our short time on earth.

Fear kills more than reality and the fear of a thing might as well kill someone even before the actual event happens.
Really sorry for your friend, she might as well have kept some little hope that a miracle can happen instead of jumping out of a running car, but am sure that accidents happen so fast that one might not even have a rethink.

I am so sorry for the loss.
Accidents are always unpleasant I always prayed to not have any and by the grace of Almighty Allah I am saving to this comment and will be safe in the future too if GOD wills.

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That's such a terrible way to die

Being involved in an accident is one of the worst ways for anyone to face death. I even hate the mildest type of accidents like stepping on people's toes unknowingly so, you can imagine how I feel about road accidents or every other accident that happens in the air or in the sea.

I started my secondary school when I was 10 years old in a state that is different from the state that my parents were living in so, I was always on the road whenever there was midterm break. I spent hours in these journey and I witnessed a lot of accidents but I was never really involved in a serious one.

The lady you talked about made a judgement call by jumping out of the car but she was just unfortunate to have faced her demise.

Well Done

Oh, I guess you went to a boarding school. Want to ask, do you like travelling?... Or No, because of accidents.

Hahaha... I went to boarding school.

That was how my travelling began and l enjoy travelling although, l don't like travelling with luggage apart from a normal backpack bag that l can conveniently carry on my laps.

The accidents and facing of robbery on the road is something that road users fear the most but l gave never been in a car that was robbed or a car that was involved in a serious accident

Well Done Bro
Happy Weekend

Lol. Just like you, I love portability more than anything. Anything heavy and with stress, I don't subscribe to it.

Los accidentes de tráfico suelen ser una de las peores fomas de morir porque es algo para lo que nadie esta preparado. Lamento mucho la perdida de tu amiga. Me alegro a la vez de que no hayas tenido un accidente hasta ahora y espero que nunca lo tengas. Saludos!