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Here comes another interesting question from the blogging challenge. I feel this question wants to test our smartness and get to know what we truly need or want.

Aquí viene otra pregunta interesante del desafío de blogs. Siento que esta pregunta quiere poner a prueba nuestra inteligencia y llegar a saber lo que realmente necesitamos o queremos.


Truth is, if I am given an unlimited credit card which means having unlimited funds in the account which also definitely sounds like one giving me an open cheque to write whatever I want to buy, the first things that comes to my mind are as follows.

La verdad es, si me dan una tarjeta de crédito ilimitada que significa tener fondos ilimitados en la cuenta que también definitivamente suena como uno que me da un cheque abierto para escribir lo que quiero comprar, las primeras cosas que viene a mi mente son las siguientes.

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1. HIVE: I have gotten deep into Hive to the extent 90% of my thinking is on Hive even in my sleep. So definitely, having such opportunity to unlimited funds for 10 minutes would make me more happy to buy Hive. I know you would be thinking what amount of Hive 🤔. Let us just say nothing less than 1 billion Hive which I would power up 500 million Hive, then buy leo with the 480million Hive then power it up.

1. HIVE: He profundizado en Hive en la medida en que el 90% de mi pensamiento está en Hive incluso mientras duermo. Así que definitivamente, tener esa oportunidad de ilimitado fondos por 10 minutos me haría más feliz de comprar Hive. Sé que estarías pensando qué cantidad de Colmena 🤔. Digamos nada menos que 1.000 millones de colmenas que encendería 500 millones de colmenas, luego comprar leo con la colmena de 480 millones y luego encenderlo.


I know you would be thinking, what do I want to do with the remaining 20 million Hive. If you are thinking that I would give it all away then you are right. Little amount of the 20 million Hive left would be used for contests while most would be used to empower Hivers contributing to the system, something more like dashing them out to power it up. Definitely @tripode would be in my top list if such happens.

Sé que estarías pensando.qué quiero hacer con los 20 millones de colmenas restantes. Si estás pensando que lo diría todo entonces tienes razón. La pequeña cantidad de los 20 millones de Hive que quedan se utilizaría para concursos, mientras que la mayoría se utilizaría para empoderar a los Hivers contribuyendo al sistema, algo más como sacarlos a encenderlo. Definitivamente @tripode estaría en mi lista superior si eso sucede.


2. NEW GUITAR: I know that it is probably 10 minutes I have to access unlimited funds but if there are still some time left, I would buy a Les Paul Guitar Original.

2. NUEVA GUITAR: Sé que es probablemente 10 minutos tengo que acceder a fondos ilimitados, pero si todavía queda algún tiempo, compraría un Les Paul Guitar Original.


3. BITCOIN: Yeah I can't believe I forgot about bitcoin. I almost closed up the article when I figured that it would be a great opportunity to have bitcoin to hold since I don't hold any amount of bitcoin or sort. If I am to get bitcoin then I would get maybe a thousand btc. That's if my 10 minutes has not been exhausted.

3. BITCOIN: Sí no puedo creer que me olvidé de bitcoin. Siempre cerré a escribir cuando pensé que sería una gran oportunidad tener bitcoin para mantener ya que no tengo ninguna cantidad de bitcoin o tipo. Si voy a conseguir bitcoin entonces me gustaría obtener tal vez mil btc. Eso es si mis 10 minutos no se han agotado.

It would be very interesting for me to also know what you would buy if you have access to unlimited funds. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments session below

Sería muy interesante para mí saber también lo que compraría si tiene acceso a fondos ilimitados. Siéntase libre de compartir sus pensamientos en la sesión de comentarios a continuación

This is the part 4 of the 30 days blogging challenge questions made by @tripode

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Hahaha....you also need to call all the alumni of Newbie Initiative and bless us with a private key to a Crypto wallet that is filled with 9999999999999999999 BTC 🤣

Woww... Hive is already on my my mind too and l seriously wish that l can be among those that are tipping people with higher values than just 0.something. Hopefully, we all will grow bigger on the long run

Heheh... You need to run to the moon if you come across that unlimited fund to avoid stories that hurt the liver 😬🤣

Smile... That amount of btc will make you the richest man in the world.

Yeah. I have that same wish as you do that's why I keep building.

Lol.. I totally understand. Nobody will definitely know if I come across one. Not even a single soul. 😅😂

This is really good I'm impressed with how you would spend your open cheque.

Buying more crypto with those cash is actually a good idea if I'm given that opportunity too I will do same.

I like the fact you will be giving out some part of that money to other people as a token for developing their portfolio.

Thanks a lot man. Yeah aside developing myself, I would love to do the same for others as well.

Buying more hives and bitcoin are smart investment moves. And you are a guitarist, so I understand you would get a brand, latest version guitar! ☺️ Good ways to spend the unlimited funds. Please factor me into the 10minutes while spending ooo, lol!

Lol. You are very funny. Sure you have brought yourself to notice.

Hahaha. I can see if you get the opportunity to buy the world in a whole you would buy. 😂😂😂

Lol.. Very funny guy 😅😂😂.

I also thought about buying cryptocurrencies hahahahahha


btw, this is the guitar you want?

Lol.. That guitar is funny... Not that... The guitar on my post is a Gibson les Paul.

ahhhhhhhhh i though it was just a reference lol

for a second I thought you'll first choose Bitcoin but you're very much in love with Hive lol I guessed guitar but not any specific kind or something... third I thought would be paying for a visa and tickets to Canada

Your answer was so good, what do you do if you had a lot of money, I would buy more money! xD
It's like a genie granted you 3 wishes, and you ask for more wishes.

Lol exactly, you got it right. That's how it is. Nice to have you here in my comment section. Thanks for coming by