Blogging Challenge ~ What I Hate Doing

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I think the blogging challenge came for a day like today. Yes, I have been quite busy today again as usual but the only difference between my other busy days and today is that other days I do have a blog post to make even before the day runs out but today I didn't have a chance to prepare any blog post.

But going through the blogging challenge questions, I saw a question that best describes how I felt for the past few weeks I have been working myself out. And I couldn't help but make a blog post about it.

So for the question;
What is something you hate and would pay others to do for you?

Well, I have many things I would love to pay people to do for me but the most outstanding thing I dislike and wouldn't think twice about paying someone to do for me is Farming
Funny enough I always tell my mom that I wouldn't go to the farm, that it's something I don't wish to continue or do in the future. I will have a small garden in my house but never a tedious work as we have here.

The stress of farming is second to none but I can't help but be of assistance to my parents.
I hate farming and it's something I never wish to do in the future. It's tedious, and tiring work and I don't think I can manage to do such work and I don't even want to.

I really pray we don't go to the farm tomorrow. Saturday is never a rest day here in our house especially now that it is planting season. My parents will always want us to go to the farm and cultivate.

So that is what I hate doing and can pay someone else to do for me.
Thank you blogging challenge for giving me a blog post for today.



Lazy girl, you love eating farm product but don't want to work on the farm..

How did I know you will appear here😏🙄