Can I Be Trusted?

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Trust is a word fondly used in relationships, friendship, family, among relatives and loved ones.
There is really nothing that can be done without trust and I don't think there is any association that does very well without trust.
Many long-lasting relationships exist based on trust. A good relationship is built on trust and it's dependent on it.

So speaking of trust, can I really be trusted? And if I make a list of people I trust, can my name be found on the list?
Inasmuch as I know the answer to that question and I wish to answer, I can only say that a person can find himself or herself trustworthy but it's only another person that would tell if truly they are what they say or claim to be.
So answering YES to that question isn't the only qualification to know if I am indeed trustworthy but when confirmation and recommendation are made by other people to confirm and affirm what we declare.

Well, my advice would be that it doesn't matter if we are truly are what we say we are or claim to be but we should always strive and work towards making our words match with our actions. We shouldn't say one thing and our actions interprets the opposite.

We shouldn't claim to be something when the actual truth is that we aren't what we claim to be.
Inasmuch as we find other people worthy of our trust, we should always be seen as people others can trust as well and not just knowing and seeing ourselves that way.

Without trust, our relationship with people won't or may not really work out well or as we expected and some don't even stand the test of time.

It's a great privilege to take part in another blogging challenge question.
I think I am loving this question-and-answer blog challenge.
And I hope to look more into other parts from other authors.