What Makes You Sad?

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The other day I shared what makes me happy or should I say the things that make me happy.
But for today I wanna share a very vital thing that makes me sad, no actually depressed if it ever happens.
I know how we love whatever it is we find ourselves doing that if ever life knocks us down real hard, we find it difficult to pick up ourselves again.

And it is said that failure is unavoidable and its inevitable. It is a phrase that comes to urge one into the path of success. But I say this without any benefit of doubts that Failure is one key thing that makes me very sad.
It's not an intentional act, it just happens, if ever I fail in whatever thing I do, I always find myself very sad or unhappy. It kills my mood. I can go days still brooding over that particular incident.
I remember a situation I was called upon to perform a particular task and I failed, it made me so sad and depressed, I tried finding peace and inner joy but all was to no avail. My sister noticed it and told me that I shouldn't be sad over it any longer that failure comes and it happens, it's inevitable. To her, it meant that little but to me, it was something big and I just couldn't find myself forgetting it.

I started blaming myself unnecessarily for a particular task I could not manage or handle well. I don't know about others but it's really depressing to know you failed in a particular thing or a responsibility.
I tried getting over it but it took a while, like months before I could finally get over whatever it was I felt that time and it was that terrible, to say the least.
I am not really a type that is easily identified with failure so if ever any comes my way, it disheartening and very depressing. I know it isn't really a good feeling and I am slowly working on it by the grace of God.

So guys, can you all tell me what makes you sad? And why?
Thank you for stopping by my post today.


El otro día compartí lo que me hace feliz o debería decir las cosas que me hacen feliz.
Pero por hoy quiero compartir algo muy vital que me entristece, no realmente deprimido si alguna vez sucede.
Sé cuánto amamos lo que sea que nos encontremos haciendo, que si alguna vez la vida nos golpea con mucha fuerza, nos resultará difícil volver a levantarnos.

Y se dice que el fracaso es inevitable y es inevitable.
Es una frase que viene a impulsarnos a emprender el camino del éxito.
Pero digo esto sin ningún beneficio de dudas de que Fracaso es una cosa clave que me entristece mucho.
No es un acto intencional, simplemente sucede, si alguna vez fallo en cualquier cosa que hago, siempre me encuentro muy triste o infeliz.
Mata mi estado de ánimo.
Puedo pasar días todavía cavilando sobre ese incidente en particular.
Recuerdo una situación en la que me llamaron para realizar una tarea en particular y fallé, me puso tan triste y deprimido, intenté encontrar la paz y la alegría interior, pero todo fue en vano.
Mi hermana lo notó y me dijo que no debería estar más triste por eso que el fracaso llega y pasa, es inevitable.
Para ella, significaba un poco, pero para mí, era algo grande y no podía olvidarme de ello.

Comencé a culparme innecesariamente por una tarea en particular que no podía manejar o manejar bien.
No sé sobre los demás, pero es realmente deprimente saber que fallaste en una cosa o una responsabilidad en particular.
Traté de superarlo, pero me tomó un tiempo, como meses antes de que finalmente pudiera superar lo que fuera que sentí esa vez y fue así de terrible, por decir lo menos.
Realmente no soy del tipo que se identifica fácilmente con el fracaso, así que si alguna vez se me presenta alguno, es desalentador y muy deprimente.
Sé que no es realmente un buen sentimiento y estoy trabajando en ello lentamente por la gracia de Dios.

Entonces, chicos, ¿pueden decirme qué los entristece?
¿Y por qué?
Gracias por pasar por mi correo hoy.por pasar por mi correo hoy.



I am sad when I think of my husband who passed away in 2013. Sometimes it can happen when I hear a song playing on Spotify or when the seasons change. Now this sadness is getting easier to handle, life is forever changed. For me I acknowledge the feeling of sadness and find something that makes me smile.

Oh no, it's really something to be sad about. I am so sorry for your loss dear.
Yes in every situation we should always find a reason to smile and be happy.
I wish you the best of life.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thinking about my late mum makes me sad. Failure makes me sad
No one wants to fail, but sometimes it's inevitable. We have to learn how to pick ourselves up after every failure. Giving up is not an option.

I am so sorry for your loss dear.
Yes everyone feels sad whenever they are faced with some kind of failure but we should never accept defeat.
Thanks for your comment!
A hug from here 🤗

Awwwwww.. you are welcome dear