The Beer Brewing Game

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Today I went to the Pub to the Bulletin Board and use my energy to make some Neutral Local Bitter Hops


Also at the Pub I clicked on Bartender and had a European Lager


Well as I type this am taking notes on it. to find out what ingredients I need to make some Regular Pilsner at the Beer Factory

Looks like I need some fermentable and two aroma Hops


Make sure you claim from the mail box which will a number on it .


I finally brought the right ones there different levels The better the more cost :) but maybe worth it at selling point
Have wait over 8 hours for the beer to finish.

I some ingredients for sale at the market


Here is my Link

to get yours click the cat well am cat upper left hand it you copy your own link to the game

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I bot a box of beer making stuff a long time ago and never used it. If I can find it I will let you have it Cheryl! @adysscheryl

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How long ago. Did you use have hive to buy @cbm. Did you with drawl on to the beer game. You can rent
Time limit I rented and lost time. Of water I bother the person in charge and talk to lot members. Tho I got time. Do what you will

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