5 Stephen King movies you might not know if you were born after 2000

In total, over two hundred films have been released based on King's novels. Many are deservedly forgotten, but today I will remind you of those that are undeservedly forgotten

Cat's Eye (1985)


"Cat's Eye" is an anthology of three stories by Stephen King united by one common character - a homeless cat, who acts here as a kind of casual observer, and sometimes quite a character.

No Smoking (2007)


In 2007, the story “Quit Smoking Corporation” was filmed as an independent story. Moreover, it was not filmed by anyone, but by the creators of the most prolific film industry in the world, Bollywood. Addiction was the first film adaptation of King to be produced in India.

The picture tells the story of a man with the Kafkaesque name K., whose passion for smoking is not liked by anyone: neither his wife, nor colleagues, nor relatives. To get rid of addiction, the hero turns to the very corporation "Quit Smoking", which, of course, turns out to be full of dark secrets and secrets.

Apt Pupil (1997)


Following the success of The Suspects, Brian Singer decided to pursue a long-standing dream project. He filmed Stephen King's story "Able Student" about a guy Todd, who learns that his elderly neighbor named Kurt is actually a former Nazi officer who narrowly escaped punishment during the Nuremberg trials. Extremely interested in all things history, Todd begins to ask a neighbor about what is not told at school. Kurt is happy to share his memories of terrible tortures and crimes, and the longer their communication continues, the more his dark past appears on the face of the quiet old man.

The Able Pupil is far from perfect. He suffers greatly from problems with dynamics, and Singer does not manage to keep suspense here as well as in the same "Suspicious Persons". But, for all its shortcomings, this is a worthy movie with an amazing acting work of Ian McKelen, and it clearly did not deserve its fate: the picture did not even hit half of the budget, forcing Singer to refuse to shoot a serious movie for a long time.

Maximum Overdrive(1986)


In the 80s, inspired by the success of his adaptations and, as the writer himself later admitted, by unmeasured doses of cocaine, Stephen King himself sits in the director's chair. For his debut as a director, he chooses his own story, "Trucks," about devil-possessed cars terrorizing a gas station somewhere in the American wilderness.

"Maximum Overdrive" also failed miserably. He was scolded by whoever could, the fees were scanty, and King received a nomination for "Golden Raspberry" as the worst director. But now it's hard to hate this tape. Maximum Acceleration is a fun category B film that obviously doesn't take itself seriously. According to King himself, he wanted to make a "silly movie for idiots", which means that he as a director coped with his task.

The Mangler (1995)


A film by the great Tobe Hooper with the equally great Robert Englund (the same Freddy Krueger) as the villain. The villain, however, is not the main one, because the main evil in "The Mangler" is an obsessed ironing board that grinds and devours the laundry workers. The picture looks as crazy as it sounds, but we love it for that.

“The Mangler” is blatant thrash metal in the best sense of the word, and it retains one important feature of good thrash metal: even the craziest things Hooper shows with an extremely serious expression on his face.


Ah maximum overdrive that is an epic classic from my childhood.

Have you ever saw trucks? I don't think it is steven king but similar idea

Yes, I saw, I also thought that the idea was similar

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