Film Review: Zack Snyder's Justice League

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So, almost four years have passed since the release of Whedon's terrible Justice League (but here the studio's fault is more likely than the director's, it was like making Rembrandt finish the picture for Dali), and finally we waited for Snyderkat. Four hours of viewing flew by in one breath. The appearance of the heroes looks quite organic, not as messy as in the theater, of course it would be better if each hero was introduced with the help of a solo album, but here again the studio's fault. No stupid Avengers-style jokes, no crazy color grading. Everything is logical and worthy of the darkness and depth of DC comics. Looking at Snyderkat, it becomes clear that Steppenwolf has a motivation to take over the Earth, and that he is not just a villain for the sake of villainy. By the way, remember that frightened Polish family from the theatrical version, and thank Zak, now everything is logical there. Well, special attention, in my opinion, deserves a reference to Injastis in the second 'scene after the credits' (here it is before the credits, the specifics of the Internet show). So let's hope that Zach Snyder's Justice League shoots and the WB bosses come to their senses and let Snyder finish the trilogy.

P.S. This is certainly not a review, but rather thoughts after watching, and they are full of confusion like a league theatergoer


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Dam I have been out of the loop on this movie. I guess I don't watch movies as much and that's why. Dam 4 hours is a long movie but I will be finding a way to watch it.

I agree the first was so incomplete it was sad.

Imagine how to watch it in the cinema

Насколько я понял, фильм стоит того, что бы его посмотреть?!

4 часа филь мдлится... ну и как бы мир марвела... тут на любителя... бетманы и другие суперы...