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Artificial Intelligence

Hello to all the universe of Hive, this is my first publication on review of one of my favorite movies, for my case is science fiction, in particular "Artificial Intelligence", thanks to the direction of Steven Spielberg, shows us the essence of a child robot, they gave him so much realism and surrealism, as much as emotions that was so almost perfect as a human being, even his imagination came this dream to be fulfilled his dream of having a mom.

David is our character of this beautiful movie, what I saw peculiar is when David, arrives to the family of Henry Swinton, and his wife Monica, because the son of it was very sick David would be like the kind of his brother, but rather this becomes jealous doing everything possible that David was not with it, on the other hand David our robot boy or cybor had a very unconditional friend that was another robot Teddy type teddy, with the time David developed a great love and affection for Monica as if she was his mother that he never had, but she had to leave him voted and forest, because her son was already very bad and she assumed that David was only a robbery. Despite all the difficulties she went through, she never stopped dreaming of having her mother back, and even went in search of a godmother to make her dream come true.

After many years some aliens arrived and found David as the bearer of all the information of the human race, they unfroze him and his friend the teddy bear, they managed to enter his mind and get great information, they realized his desire, they explained that he had managed to bring back several humans, but only lasted alive only one day, he slept then eternally, thanks to his friend had a lock of hair of his mother, the aliens revived her again, was the happiest day David, to the point that they did everything, until the end of the day came his mother fell asleep and David also with her eternally, I invite you to see it as a classic science fiction, 2001.