Movie Review: The Ritual (2017)


I haven't watched a horror movie in a while. I did some research watching trailers, but most of the recent horror movies are like duplicates of each other. Seeing the IMDB score a little good (6.3), I said myself let's watch The Ritual.



In the movie, four friends go on a hiking trip in a really scenic place in Sweden. They have to go through the forest to shorten their route because of their injured friends. Some events happen in the forest, a few friends die; but the famous creature never appears in about an hour in the movie.

"Is this the creature that hid itself for an hour?" I asked myself. I did not understand what it was exactly, a deer or a giraffe? They made a ridiculous creature. Then, how can the creature affect those people by getting involded in their dreams and pasts? I suppose they are locals in the forest, why do they worship the creature and sacrifice people to it?

When I saw the locals in the forest, I wondered if the director was inspired by The Hill Have Eyes, Wrong Turn. The tension is not bad in the movie. It seems to be good towards the end, but it falls short in general. Some plots in the movie don't make logical sense to stay connected. If you have spare time to spend, I recommend watching it.


Whoa! i need to watch this movie. I love horror movies so much.

If you have much spare time, then watch it.

It looks interesting, although it would be nice to see it to get a more personal opinion of it. Thanks for the review. Greetings and blessings.

Se ve interesante, aunque sería bueno verla para tener una opinión más personal de la misma. Gracias por la reseña. Saludos y bendiciones.

I love horror movies! This is another more to my list, thank you!

I like l, too. You r welcome.

In my opinion this film was just OK. A lot of it is filled with nothing happening and all the "good stuff" happens in the last 20 minutes or so. It's still a decent film though, but IMO nothing to go out of your way to see.

You r welcome. Right, towards the end, it gets better.