Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace

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Have you ever watched a movie and you find yourself crying over it without even being aware?
Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace is one of those movies I soaked my pillow while watching.
It's been a while I settled down to watch a movie but one faithful night, I decided to go through my phone, and I realized a friend sent some movies for me for the past months which I didn't have the time to watch so I decided to use that night to try and watch most of them.
Fortunately for me, Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of peace was the first one I clicked to watch.
I cried a lot, yeah I know I can be very dramatic but very emotional when it comes to watching movies that have moral lessons and inspirations.

Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace

The plot Lucy Shimmers is actually based on some fairly authentic characters who are built via intriguing dialogue and conversations, but this area could still be deeper than it is. One detracting aspect is the unusual magical elements of communicating with dead people, which the narrative relies on when it needs to.

Lucy is a very young girl, full of life, energy, enthusiasm even when she is fighting a terminal disease. It all started out with a very strong cough.
Her parents were worried about her and admitted her in the hospital the next day.
Lucy wasn't worried about her health neither was she afraid of death.
She could even communicate with her late grandfather.

Lucy told her parents about her dream. She was on a mission to fulfill the burden God placed in her heart.
While she was in the hospital, she was friendly and nice with all the patients especially those people deserted.
When Lucy shimmers realized she didn't have much time left again, she usually sneaked out of the hospital bed to visit another patient and tell him about Jesus Christ and how God loves him and will help him to reunite with his family again.

In the long run, Lucy Shimmers was able to convert the rejected patient to God who had lost all hope in life.
She also donated her kidney to a patient who had a damaged kidney. Before she finally returned to her father (God)

After a few months, Lucy Shimmer's parents had a new baby boy after losing Lucy.
And the whole family was happy again and always remembered Lucy and her grandfather.

It was such a delightful and inspiring watch and I am very glad I watched the movie.
I bet you will like it if you give it a try