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A few topics on my mind today, thrown into one post and in no particular order.


Well all has been going great for Hive's native 'stable' coin, which had been running close to a dollar for almost all of the second half of last year.


That was until HIVE started making a move. Today though, as on a couple of occasions at the beginning of the year, the price has touched $2.

Hourly attempts are being made to subdue the price, which is also reducing inflation and should help the price of HIVE in the future, but for now though it seems the speculators have HBD in their sights and I expect it to go higher in the near future.

In the last Steem bull run, the best plan was to stack SBD, buy 10 STEEM for 1 SBD, and wait for STEEM to move. I wonder if we will see something similar, without HBD reaching $20+ like SBD did.


I was a fairly recent delegator to @dlux-io, but I've cancelled this today as I noticed that there has been no daily update for 3 weeks now.

Anyone home?

The project looked interesting and so if it is 'ded', that is a bit of a shame. The timing is quite strange I think - you would expect the bear to kill off these projects and not the (start of a) bull market. Oh well, no funds lost directly, the beauty of HP delegation.


I was pinged from the blue (https://chat.hive.blue/) last night with regards to a proposal currently looking for support. I don't mind receiving these notifications, especially when it concerns something that looks interesting that I have completely missed.


Aureal is a decentralized podcast directory on the Hive that connects traditional podcasters and their listeners to Hive.

The proposal is well written (bar the last paragraph which speaks of tired devs. in need of sleep), and judging by the number of comments on the post, it seems to have been largely missed.


blocktrades didn't miss it though, and was first in with questions regarding the code being open source.


They gave reasons as to why and have now provided the code, and got a vote from BT. Have a read, I think it's quite an interesting proposal:



Last but not least, how are your CUBs doing? And that question goes out especially to the chap I spent around two hours in total with a couple of weekends ago :)

When CubFinance was launched, I and many others flocked to the LeoFinance Discord to have questions answered and get involved in the hype. I noticed a couple of kind souls offering help and tokens to get people set up and farming away, and so when I saw a name I recognized asking for assistance, I thought it was my turn.

I may have stayed quiet if I realised how long it was going to take though!

This chap was trying to get going on a phone, something I'd tried on my android with more than one Browser, and failed. He was using a Browser I hasn't tried and so I thought let's give it a go - no luck.

During this process, and the sharing of many screenshots, I noticed their balance was around .5 CUB. And so, as others have done, I purchased (from H-E while they were still legit) some CUB and sent them, along with a little BNB over to their MetaMask.

After we'd tried and failed with the phone, the next evening the desktop was powered up. Their default Browser here was Opera, and after setting MetaMask up (again), it wouldn't connect to CubFinance.

And so for the 3rd time, MetaMask was set up (Chrome this time), the Binance Smart Chain added, and the custom tokens added too. This time everything worked, and the CUB made its way safely to the Den.

What I love about this is that the guy, bless him, isn't aware that I sent extra CUB and some BNB fuel to transact. It wasn't much, probably what I'll get when this post pays out. Anyway, it made me feel good :)

As I'm writing, CUB is at $3.8 and there is $17.3 million value locked. Looking good, or as my friend in need would say, 'shibby'.

Cheers all, have a good day


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looks like dlux is not dead. from discord

I have an eye infection that makes programming near impossible and headache inducing. Sorry for the long delay.

i understood nothing about the tokenomics and the idea they have, but i like the VR idea and had some fun with it.

I really think they should try and crowdfund the project, do something like decentraland/splinterlands where they sell land to people for the VR world. It's a great fit for Hivers, especially after Hivefest I think many would enjoy spending time with other Hivers in the VR world, even more so with more and more newcomers coming in having unique events happening there could be a lot of fun and help with the steep learning curve.

That's a great idea. I would definitely buy some land in the hive metaverse :)

DLUX.io is just a front end that's been experiencing some issues. The automatic posts are one aspect but the token remains live and running.

Thank you for the update!

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Thanks for checking in the Discord and commenting here.

VR is hot and if they can mangle that into Hive somewhere then good on them!

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Oh man I really hope so I was having a lot of fun with dlux.io

Like this:

well you got things moving :)

i am on a brake with my gallery, hope i will not forget all the code i learned :)

Yeah a-frame is really awesome like that. Browser 3d/vr rendering, like whoaaa

Well, that HBD pump was unexpected! Any idea what triggered it?! Is there some big news event about HBD that I missed or is it some funny business?

I had delegated to dlux as the VR on HIVE concept is a really cool idea but I just read in the comments the dev had an eye infection so I'm going to leave my delegation where it is for now unless I hear otherwise that the project is no longer running.

CUB I've actually not really checked too much since the inflation is down to 1 per block but probably should check in to see what's occurring! Looks like there's a tonne of things going on but I'm basically denning it up!

Nice splatter of thoughts!

I'm also keeping my delegation to dlux. The dev came with me into another video game discord dev chat and we chatted a bit, cool dude. I hope he gets better with that eye infection. And its a really awesome platform, actually really cool for visual 2d/3d artists and modelers.


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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Well, that HBD pump was unexpected! Any idea what triggered it?!

My post, obviously :)

It's been looking good on the charts for a week or so now, I've been mentioning it in Discord and telling friends to hold. Didn't expect it to jump so much though!

I just read in the comments the dev had an eye infection so I'm going to leave my delegation where it is

Fair, I just wish they'd stuck a comment on the last post. Anyway, get well soon dev!

Den and boring stable farm for me - my safest bet in crypto :)


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My post, obviously :)

My sincere apologies! Obviously that's the reason 😀

Yes I'm all for the boring and safe bets these days. My poor ticker can't handle the constant tomfoolery of flinging crypto here and there. Plus I'd run out of ink in my Parker pen writing letters to HMRC! ✒

You don't know how close I was to asking for help too but I feel I've called on you enough. 😍

As it happens, @flauwy was kind enough to help me out with some BNB and, after a frustrating 3+ hours I was able to get myself into the DEN.

A few days later, having recovered from the initial struggle I tackled the DEC/BUSD farm. That took even longer and inspired my first post on LeoFinance.

After recovering from that I went in for a second time and have resisted the temptation to see how I'm doing, having realised it will be a while before I can harvest/compound without the fees cost more than the profits.

But I'm dead chuffed I did it.

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Aww, you could have asked but well done getting sorted!

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In no particular order.....Aureal, "Your voice is worth something", isn't that very similar to the tagline for 'Voice' the Dan, Hive-killer platform that I have no idea what happened to?

D-lux.io .....funny you should mention them, I was about to do a post on auditing Hivesigner permissions and they were on the list, along with 39 others! many of which seem to have fallen by the wayside....worth checking and removing I think but very sad so much never really lasted the course!

FInally, HBD as I write this at 17.29 BST , 11.39 Thai time is up at $2.44 try to stay relevant with your posts please young man lol ;-)

Hope life is treating you well on your Isla de los sueños! I hope the bikes OK, I do worry, and I hate being an obsessive-compulsive!
Take care mate :-)

"Your voice is worth something", isn't that very similar to the tagline for 'Voice' the Dan, Hive-killer platform that I have no idea what happened to?

Yep, I hope they don't repeat it's 'success' :)

Dlux is still going! Folks visited the Discord and learned the dev has been unwell.

FInally, HBD as I write this at 17.29 BST , 11.39 Thai time is up at $2.44 try to stay relevant with your posts please young man lol ;-)

Hit $3 during my sleep, ooops :D

The bike is doing fine, I've not fallen off this one yet :) Cheers!

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The story of one of the most broken loose pegged stable coins continues. SBD, now HBD, just wow. Wrong coin to go up in value. We should just stop calling HBD any kind of stable coin because it's not, instead we should call Hive a blockchain with two closely connected cryptocurrencies. Aka a mess.

I don't understand why now after all this time we care so much about HBD being $1 and the methods being used to try and bring it to $1 seem sketch and odd to me. There are better things that could and should be worked on instead. Legit at this point who cares if HBD is $1 steem never was. If you're going to fix HBD then it needs to be on the code level. Not just throwing money at it.

This will trigger unsustainable growth just like last time, also the crash will be just as strong completely destroying the uneducated ones. If they don't want to get rid of it at least they should stop calling it a pegged stable coin, that's what I'm saying, it's just another crypto.

So far I found no one who could explain it correctly to me or I am too stupid to understand. What I did understand is that I had to sell hive and buy HBD recently as I expected an external party to buy HBD with the hive OR people locking in their hive increase.

The main downside I see of this in this day and age is people who can't access exchanges and only use the Hive blockchain for storing their value. I.e. those who want to trade hive/hbd for a working stablecoin in hopes to buy more Hive next correction can't do it against HBD because that will also drop down along with Hive. This was the same problem last bull run along with FUD about USDT which made a lot of people lose a lot of money cause they just stayed in the base currency after not wanting to deal with taxes by withdrawing them into fiat.

This time around there's more options, though, more stablecoins to diversify into and existing ways to do so on Hive as well (right now mainly through hive-engine).

Knowing what HBD is I would only keep it or hold it when it's on peg value, holding it now is like asking to get rekt. I never want to speculate on stable coin, but some people here do that, they anticipated this could happen and made a profit(and so many times before on SBD), my guess not too many, but those who know the inner workings of this shit show certainly did. There is just this bad vibe around this coin, it's very scam like.

Is there any legit stable coin on HiveEngine? I'm out of the loop if there is one. For noobs the last thing they should do is to use Hive chain stable coin, they will need to make a binance account or something and get ustd and other stable coins. Education is very much needed.

Is there any legit stable coin on HiveEngine?

Not sure, tbh, I just figured since they have coins like BTC and ETH pegs they may have some of the stabelcoins too.

Are you not having fun? It's a fun mess to me :)

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Nop, mostly facepalming :)


With the Hbd thing... Seeing as it is only redeemable for 1 Usd of hive, just let it inflate. At the end, someone is going to be holding a vastly overvalued bag and it will unravel.

I do see many people still holding Hbd. It might be beyond the ability for most to sell in the internal market (not many external markets for Hbd) so they might not realise they can essentially 'double' their money in one transaction!

It might seem obvious to some of us... But this is a new world for many!

Leaving HBD to do what it wants could bring a crazy summer and dark winter. I like that it's trying to be controlled but the market will do what it wants :)

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Agreed, but we are missing the untapped potential of educating the users of the HIVE platform. We could also show people (or make it easier) how to sell HBD (or convert when the price is under 1 USD), as it was designed to do. In addition to the blunter tools that currently being employed. I have no numbers to be sure of this impact (you are the data guy!), but if people used HBD as it was intended (because it was easy to), then it should track the price a bit better!

It's not obvious to me. I only have a little bit and I just sit on it. I don't get the whole HBD thing at all. 😂


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That TVL just keeps going up!! Awfully good of you to help the chap out.

Is chat. Hive. Blue the new Aggy chat or is it the old hive chat jazzed up? It is it totally new?

I just tried it, it's some new fangled thing. When did that happen!

new chat where? :)

i know peakd added an option for community chats, that is connected with bee chat. or is it something else?

It looks like something else. I have never seen it's like before. It's it right to instinctively distrust everything new in crypto?

Cheers :)

Yes it's the 'new' place to chat, I signed up but am never there!

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I will sign up too. Maybe catch some more random begging DMs there. Can never have enough

I don't know when HBD can be turned into a stable coin. I think its trying its best to do so but I feel like the attempts just aren't working. It hasn't been anywhere near $1 recently despite the new funds coming in. I personally would not buy HBD at these prices since it means you its highly overvalued. I wonder if the next hardfork will have a more permanent solution at pegging.

Sorry to hear about DLUX. I haven't used it but I know it was talked a lot.

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Attempts do seem to be failing at present, but perhaps they will stop HBD going as high as SBD.

Dlux looks to still be going, the dev has apparently been unwell.

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Would be interesting to get a few decent podcasters getting in on Hive, even if they are just replicating across podcast networks, as most do.

For sure. An app on the google store pointing at Hive is worth some support. Can we have 1000 of these please?

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That is really cool about the Auereal thing and you helping out that person. I had to help a couple people out here and there too. Those first steps were kind of a pain to get going. That is also interesting about DLux. I had noticed that too and I haven't seen the person behind it in the Leo Discord lately. Maybe something happened to them. I won't say fingers crossed, because it seemed like a really good project. Hopefully they resurface.

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Yeah I'm glad they got sorted in the end - no idea what's happened since though!

re Dlux: In the comments here we learned that the dev has been unwell but things are still progressing.

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Okay cool! Thanks for that follow up!

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Lol, next time just get him to use Trust wallet (wallet with built in browser, instead of browser with wallet extension...).

I didn't fancy working through something I've not used but that sounds like a viable alternative!

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I get the idea behind having HBD as a stablecoin, for the purposes of — for example — conducting ecommerce as some kind of Hive extension.

But it makes ZERO sense to assume you can control the price of an openly traded token that's being hopped up by Korean speculators on Upbit... people who most like don't even HAVE Hive accounts or even know what an HBD is... they just see a short supply token that can be run up for a profit; Hive itself could be Swiss cheese for all they know. Want a stable coin that can be managed? Then it should only be traded on our own internal exchanges, not "out on the world."

I was one of many who was helped at the start of CUB DeFi because being in the USA my access to Binance is very limited and getting that initial bit of BNB was a bit like arranging an Arctic expedition. Thankfully, a helpful soul on the LeoFInance Discord traded me 10 Hive's worth to get started. After that, all has been peachy.

Yeah I agree. It's just something to trade to many, who mostly likely are unaware that 'we' are throwing $1000 an hour at it to try and stop it from blowing up.

I was one of many who was helped at the start of CUB ...

Great :) The folks in the LEO Discord during the first week were top notch, I don't think any other similar project has anything close.

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Precisely... and the "illusion" is that somehow $1,000 an hour is going to make a dent in this trend:


Oh man I missed this and wish I had of known. I've learned to use Metamask on mobile but there are a few bugs in it.

You need to use the browser built into metamask app to access cub.

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You need to use the browser built into metamask app to access cub

After a few hours, I have learned this :)

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Excellent chat, got stuck in and am moving more confidently forward after reading some comments throughout. Excellent content once again to keep people updated, thanks Asher.

Reality began to change at a tremendous rate. The question arises, how to keep up with everything? There are options?

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