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RE: LEO Crosses $0.35 | New All-Time High, Geyser Yields and What's Next

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$1 LEO doesn't seem that far away at this point. It's amazing how this community evolves, what a bright future you guys are designing for it and how valuable the time spent in here becomes.

Not to mention how excited most of us are for the launch of project _____ which we all know by now what it is...

Just to give a hint to others that have no clue what project _____ is I'll simply say that I'm simply tired of tweeting for free in a centralized manner and can't wait to do that on the blockchain.

Great to be part of Leofinance and 2021 looks so full of goodies. Everything seems to be paying of at this moment. Congratulations and have a great 2021!

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It really doesn't, a $1 Leo is more than possible at this stage.

I'm really hyped for ____. These projects are really giving people value for their time and content.

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