How to curate several Hive-Engine tokens with one single account

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For the Index token I was working together with @blainjones and @jongolson on the curation side of the project. To make this project 100% automated, we were facing the problem of how to curate efficiently several hive-engine tokens with one single account.

In my opinion it's easier to this with several specialized accounts. However this would have been a nightmare to code. We needed to come up with a solution with a one account curation strategy.

The challenge: one account and different hive-engine tokens to curate

To be able to code everything in a smooth way, we decided to keep all the stakes on one single account. To provide as much dividends as possible for the token holders, it is necessary to use these stakes to curate posts. This is quite challenging because you can only vote 10 times 100% per day. If we vote 10 times on Leo posts, then there won't be any voting power for all the other tokens like stem, archon, ctp, pal, sports and now neoxian that are in the index.

The solution: the vote weight multiplier

Scotbot that is linked to the hive-engine tribes and that makes them actually work the way they should, includes a function where you can set a vote weight multiplicator for a tribe token.

The vote weight multiplicator explained
You can set for every token a certain vote weight multiplicator individually. Let's say we put this multiplicator to 2 for the LEO token. This means that my Hive vote will be multiplied by 2 in LEO. If I vote a post on Hive with 50%, this will give a 100% upvote with LEO.

How we set this up

First I have created curation trails for the tokens that are supported. I made one for LEO, SPORTS, PAL, STEM, CTP. Since Archon and Neoxian are kind of generic tokens, there wasn't the need to create specific curation trails. I made sure that these accounts were voting around 10 times per day on posts with a minimal quality standard and that carry the appropriate tag. For these curation trails, I've set up a list with around 30 to 40 authors for each token that are repeatedly posting quality stuff in these tribes. The 10 votes a day are attributed randomly among these authors.

We have now several curation trails that vote each 10 times a day on the different tribe tokens.

For the main account that has all the tokens staked, we follow these curation trails with 20%. Meaning that each vote of the curation trail will trigger a 20% vote of the main account.

The next step is to set the vote weight multiplier to 5. Each 20% vote in Hive becomes a 100% vote in the tribe token.

By doing that we managed to upvote 5 hive-engine tokens with full voting power and one single account. At the same time we manage to keep the Hive voting power stable.

One big problem: multi tags

The only big problem with this approach is that when the curation trail votes on a LEO post, there is a chance that this same post also has a #palnet and a #ctp tag. This means that there will be a full vote in LEO, in PAL and in CTP. Therefore the voting power will go down for all 3 tokens and it's quite difficult to guess how these tags will be combined.

The solution: fine tuning the vote weight multiplicator

The easiest way to correct this is to check regularly the voting power in the different currencies. We have created a tool to do that. Leofinance also allows you to check the voting power and the vote weight multiplier. However you can only check accounts that you own the keys for. If the voting power is getting lower in a certain token, we will decrease the vote weight multiplicator and try to fine tune this to keep the voting power in all tokens between 80 and 99%.

This fine tuning can be done once a week for example. It's the only manual component of the Index token project. All the rest is fully automated so far (This might change once we build a town in dcity)

Learn more about the Index token

This concept can be applied for any account size

If you have only one account and you would like to curate in several tribe tokens, you can easily replicate this model. Be aware that curation returns are often much higher in tribe tokens than in hive itself. Especially for small accounts, this can be a very interesting approach without the need of creating different accounts for each token.

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For me - nothing is better than having separate account for each tribe.

Multi TAG's is annoying and big problem
Luckily, my autovoting bot, which I use sometimes at night, to avoid power idling, allows to specify the TAG's which I want to ignore.
I have maybe 30 TAG list, and my bot will never upvote on the post with "unwanted" TAG

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I remember you mentioned this autovote bot before.
Can you schedule this autovote bot to only work at night and only above a certain power level?

I'm curious which one you use because I also sometimes have 100% power in the morning.
At daytime this is not a problem :)

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I'm using for that. You can set that automatic upvotes are given when voting power reaches a certain percentage. You can also filter tags with it.


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Yes, I also use My favorite. Very flexible

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For my personal needs, I'm using specialised accounts for the tribes that I curate as well. I'm ok with tags that are relevant to the post but it can definitely be exagerated. When you have sports, leo and build tags in a same post, then I wonder how they can all be relevant :-).

Thanks a lot for stopping by!


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Very interesting reading! I had found out about the multiplier tool on leodex recently, but didn't knew about that dedicated tool; and browsing through the comments I finally solved my remaining doubts about how exactly does it work inside the front end!

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It's a great tool once you know how to use it :-) Thanks a lot for your comment!


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how you can set the multiplier to give out a smaller hive %?

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Doesn't work this way around. If you want to give a small vote percentage in hive and a full in LEO for example. You put vote weight multiplier of 5 in LEO and you simply vote with 20% on Leofinance. Your posts will be worth 100% in LEO and only 20% in Hive.


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Now you're going to make me get new accounts for the various tokens so I can follow specialized curation trails and create different vote weights. Why do you keep finding new ways to make money on this blockchain? :)

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Now you're going to make me get new accounts for the various tokens so I can follow specialized curation trails and create different vote weights.

Actually no need to do both LOL. If you make specialised accounts then you can simply let them follow a curation trail or of course curate manualy. Setting vote weight multiplier is only necessary if you want to curate several tokens with the same account.


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Good article!
I read about the multiplier before. I'm also using one account for both Hive and Leofinance.
My problem is that my votes on Leofinance decrease my Leo power, but also my Hive power.
I tried to set the multiplier to -1, but that didn't work.

Another way is to set the default Hive vote weight in PeakD to 1%, set a 100x multiplier and always vote from the PeakD interface.

Do you have any ideas how to deal with this?

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If let's say you are mainly using leofinance, a good idea is to put a vote weight multipliper of 10 for Leo for example. You can then go to Leofinance and upvote posts with 10%. You will give a 10% upvote in Hive but a 100% upvote in Leo. You can try it out as follows:

  • Set your vote weight multiplier in Leofinance
  • Go to a post on leofinance and play with the upvote bar. You will see that you will reach the maximum upvote value at 10% already (expressed in Leo). This can be quite useful also for manual curation.

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Oh cool! I didn't know it worked that way!
Thanks! I'll try it!

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Somehow the multiplier resets back to 1.

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I checked for Leo and it's still 10


You can check it out here:

Strange. It seems to work now. Oh wel... I'm happy it works. Thanks again!

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I have a question - a shame i only discovered today the option of vote multipliers at all. What if I set multiplier on Leo to 20 and votes from Hive are 10%? 20x10 is 200% so it will simply go for a 100% vote right? Or might this result in an error and maybe no vote?

The votes will automatically limited to 100% in the specific token.

If you have the vote multiplier for Leo set at 20 and you vote with 10% then it will vote with 100% for Leo.

Cheers mate - I am testing since yesterday and see my Leo VP is draining a lot, probably I need to reduce multiplier :-)

Yes it's difficult to get it right immeditately. Some trial and error are needed to get it going well :-)