How to delegate and undelegate Hive-Engine tokens

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In the most recent post for the @ctpsb project, I was proposing to people to delegate hive-engine tokens that they don't use.

Not everybody knows how to delegate Hive-Engine tokens. That's why I made this short tutorial.

You can easily delegate Hive-Engine tokens over the platform It's also possible to do the same over hive-engine. For this tutorial I will use

Not all tokens can be delegated

It's only possible to delegate staked tokens and delegations are only available for tokens who have this feature enabled. On tokens that have delegations enabled have a little field with an arrow next to the token in your wallet.

to delegate staked tokens click on the little arrow next to the token you want to delegate

How to delegate Hive-Engine Tokens

Step 1

On Leodex click on the small arrow on the token that you want to delegate.

Step 2

A window will pop up where you can enter the account that you want to delegate to and the amount you want to delegate. Only your already staked tokens will be eligible for delegations


Step 3

You just need to confirm the transaction with keychain and the delegation is validated.

How to undelegate your Hive-Engine tokens

You can undelegate using the arrow that goes the other way around on It is a good idea to write down somewhere to whom you have made a delegation because if you want to undelegate your tokens, you need to enter the account you want them undelegated from and it can be a bit trick to find this out.

How to find out to whom you have delegated tokens

There are probably other ways to find this out but for me the easiest way is to go to the token history.


Once the page is open I search for delegate (I use Strg + F on the keyboard to do that).


This will show you all transactions where there are delegations. Like that you can find out to whom you have delegated your tokens. You have now all the necessary information to undelegate your tokens.

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Well explained tutorial for newbies. Thanks

Thanks for stopping by!


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If you've initiated an undelegation, can the undelegation process be cancelled? I started an undelegation process in Hive-Engine by mistake because I wanted to delegate more Leo. I cannot find a stop process button... so I'm currently under the impression that I have to wait for it to finish and delegate the full amount once that happens. this takes about 5 days.

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I don't think that it's possible to interrupt an initiated undelegation. At least I woudn't know how to do it. Unfortunately you will need to wait 5 days before you will be able to delegate again. Thanks for stopping by!


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that was a very informative post and i think it will help many! the process was actually easier than i thought :P

Just delegated 1170 ctp!

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I'm happy it was helpful and thanks a lot for the delegation :-)


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Thanks a lot for the tipu tip!