3rd Edition Changes in Dcity are Going to be Interesting

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The progress made so far

Note: Not a financial advice. Just my own opinions about the subject.

Reading about the latest 3rd Edition updates to be rolled out soon, I can’t help but feel pumped at how the meta game will change. I have made a post about how the upcoming changes will change some working strategies of the game here.


The previous dip happened before 2nd edition came out. We're currently on another dip and anticipating 3rd edition. So the SIM price direction will be interesting to see as the days roll.

Here are some additional thoughts on the change:

Cards with High Population Stat will be on demand.

1st edition cards have high population stats and are relatively cheap to acquire. When 3rd edition is launched, 1st edition cards will not longer be available so supply for these cards will dwindle and rates will gradually rise. Once new players are diving into the game and try to maximize their investment from the reward pool, they will figure out that having population cards from 1st edition will be the fastest route to do to compete for rankings.

Of course 2nd edition cards can still offer some alternatives to get more population fast, but not as quick as stacking up 1st edition basic homes, luxury homes, and apartments. Anyone stocking up those cards now would have no trouble adapting to 3rd edition cards as these offer relatively high worker sinks to control the cons of having too much population without sacrificing rank in the leader boards.

High taxes will be a norm.

Unless the the player base drives the prices of SIM up again, we will be seeing above 50% taxes daily. SIM inflation tends to drive the SIM price down as players that are already on net positive from the 1st edition no longer have to worry about their ROI anymore. The new game mechanics like disasters/crisis are just added tax mechanisms.

If you haven’t made your city tax proof by investing on cards that can weather out some specific disasters, expect the game to be punishing. I am expecting the steady demand for cards like Military Industrial Complexes or even greater as these cards will be part of the combination cards released into the game.

Did I mention 1st edition cards will be expensive?

The combination cards have 1st edition card components on them. While we may not see any obvious increase in prices for these cards now, I have seen the marketplace suddenly having less supply of specific cards. Hoarding these cards will be a gamble but I think it’s worth putting some thought to buy them if you want to take advantage of combination cards and their effects while prices are still cheap. The absence of 1st edition cards will impact the game especially if there are more demands for combination cards and their effects.

The Load mechanic introduced will offer more flexibility to strategy.

Once a player has reached the max stat possible for education and art, there’s little incentive to keep artists and scientists other than contributing to population stat. With the loading mechanic and buildings that enable these to work, one can increase their SIM income even more without sacrificing the minted unit. It’s also an effective mechanism to control the effects of overpopulation.

Education stat and Tech cards will be in demand.

It follows that there will be a rise in Tech cards and cards that give education stats to mint more Tech cards as combination cards require these for components. Players that have invested into these stats will have a better start once 3rd edition rolls out. Before, there was little incentive to hold more than 1 Tech card of the same kind as these effects don’t stack. Now players can have more reasons to hold as these cards get more demand and utility when keeping.

I have been looking into buying more police cards to fend off the riots crisis in game. Once 3rd Ed rolls out, I see less effective controls for crime without police cards. Gyms and Cinema cards are less effective but at least they help but these are also going to be unavailable too as they are part of the 1st Ed cards.

More info about Dcity game can be found here.

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here’s little incentive to keep artists and scientists other than contributing to population stat.

People set up tech and background/animation farms with them. Having at least one of each is a nice way to supplement your main city.

And when population cards become scare, I think those will be in demand again as you would have to either buy from market or initiate events every 4 days to get them.

People set up tech and background/animation farms with them. Having at least one of each is a nice way to supplement your main city.

I forgot the strategy to use multiple accounts for this purpose. I'm seeing more incentive to have Education Cities now that Tech cards will be used for combination and new Tech tree will be out too.

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