Accounts to Delegate on for Hive Engine Tokens

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One way to support the projects on the blockchain reinvesting your earnings on the projects created on the platform. The common method to acquire some of these tokens is to purchase them through Hive Engine using your liquid Hive. For the average user that are still at the blog to earn phase, coming up with content that fish for those tribe tokens is the alternative if they don’t want to spend their liquid hive.

I think most are already familiar with the account @leo.voter giving out Leo tokens in exchange for your hive power delegations. It’s one way to get Leo tokens without spending your liquid Hive or bother publishing finance content if that’s not your thing. Not only do you help Leofinance community support their user base, you also get a piece of the pie passively.

There are two other communities that also give the same benefits in giving you their tokens for delegating hive power: @ctpsb and the recent @brofi being tested.

@ctpsb is project by the CTP Swarm Community, they have an active engagement going on both on discord and the blockchain. You receive CTP tokens weekly for your HP delegations. CTP has a lot of plans going to be rolled out this year which you can find here. It’s one of the tokens I’m trying to stack up. CTP has been a flexible tag to use for posts because you can use it on content that’s not even related to affiliate marketing, as long as you’re passionate about what you publish.

@brofi is a recent project launched by The Man Cave community, you delegate in exchange for BRO tokens. It's still on a testing phase you can find out more here. Holding BRO tokens doesn’t require you to stake to get any dividends, you hodl it and you get rewards daily based on your share of BRO. It’s a bit more complicated to explain how to maximize your gains as it’s not only limited to accepting Hive Power delegations to get BRO.

It also accepts Leo, PAL, LOTUS, NEOXAG, and CTP delegations in exchange for BRO. I think it’s a good program to delegate to because you get to maximize your multiple tokens unused to stack up BRO. If you aren’t familiar with how BRO token has been performing in terms of dividends, it’s one of the top dividend performing tokens on Hive Engine.

So delegating gives you a chance to get more access to other tribe token benefits. Here’s an unofficial guide made by @a1-shroom-spores about the mechanics of @brofi delegation and voting.

It’s great that mechanisms like these are available and made easy for average users to hop on. It lessen the friction to get new users and involved while still reaping the benefits of the tribe tokens as a whole.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator

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Brofi seems a very good project

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Ada, do you have a link or information to delegate by using my hive tokens easily?

It's in the post.

Thanks for linking my article.


It's a helpful guide. Dumbed down the complex stuff I needed to hear.

hehe i delegate to each of them! ;)

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Haha, I don't see you delegating to ctpsb? are you referring to an alt?

i have delegate not hive but ctp tokens to them!


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I see, well I just use hive to get ctp tokens. XD

one of my goals is when i will reach 2.5k of hive i will delegate 1k to leo, 1k to ctp and keep the 500 :P

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Brofi is giving bros token daily that is proportionate to your delegation to them. Is @ctbp and @ctp the same? !wine

BroFi is a bit different in that BRO holders decide which delegated token gets more payout in BRO.

In a rough sense, BRO not only qualifies you for daily dividends, but also serves some "governance" functions.

Thank you for the information, @enforcer48! I will look at more about @brofi and @bro. Also, other tokens that payout dividend. Reinvesting to the platform is valuable.

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Yes to the first but it's more complicated than that. But if you can't be bothered with the minor changes, yeah delegating works without participating in their voting pool.

You delegate to ctpsb, that's where they give out CTP tokens weekly. Owned by the same community. Thanks.

Thank you for the information!