Best Places to Stake Bitcoin and Crypto Right Now!

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As I Have Been Been Sharing my Favorite Investments on Top of Everything that Hive has to offer which is my favorite Investment, but My Additional Crypto Investments Include Holding and Staking Coins. recently did a post about the best places to Stake your Bitcoin and Crypto and look at the results...



As I have been saying for a minute, I love KuCoin with its Pool-x, where I like to do most of my investing other than Hive. One of my top investments has just tripled in the price of the coin plus it gets over 40% earnings! Yes, 40% and the price of the coin went from $2 to over $6... that is just nuts! So again I highly recommend you check that out.

KuCoin & Pool-x REFERRAL:

Then my 2nd favorite place, and where I keep my Eth and BTC is on NEXO. It is the cleanest and easiest platform with many options to get a loan if you want or you can transfer immediately any coin as it only offers flexible holding and no set time, with also the highest-earning, paid out daily!!! What could be better?

Just go to Nexo as there are no referrals.

Finally, my actual biggest investment is in CRO with which has more than doubled since I have been doing it, and I earn 16% on it! That isn't on here but I wanted to share that again! Referral:

Feel free to ask any questions as I use all of the ones that were tested in the infographics and can answer any questions about them if you have.


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Wow cool, my fear is just the fact that those platforms listed are centralized. I'm checking out Nexo now anyway...Nice share

Thanks Buddy! I personally feel all of these companies are very legit and safe, as they have very strong reputations, and have been around for a long time. They have amazing support if ever needed too. This is all from my personal experience and also doing in-depth research as well.


Thanks for the info. Looking into Nexo this instant!

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