Road to $200 Hive per Month? Random Advice That Might Help Achieving That. Long-term Mindset!

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Hi #LeoFinance. Earlier, I answered a post that asked for help on how to have an income with HIVE:

$200 / montly from hive? help me! -- @lebah on D.Buzz

That led to a conversation I thought I could turn into a post. Here it is:

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Now, I don't know the person (what they're good at,) so I couldn't afford a personalized help. What I did is offering a general advice anyone can benefit from.

At the current HIVE price: Most new people can't earn $200 HIVE monthly from the start. You can get lucky and get curated by curation groups, but constantly writing top-quality posts requires great skills both in writing and the field(s) you write about.

For example: A programmer who writes programming tutorials might not earn $200 monthly on HIVE, even if curated from time to time. A programmer who writes one-in-kind tutorials that can only be found on HIVE will constantly attract the curators to his/her posts.

Another user commented on @lebah's question that if there's someone who can earn $200 monthly he's interested in knowing their strategy.

So yeah, I don't think you can earn that much in the first year or two on HIVE. Unless you're really skilled at something & can market your skill. Even then you might have a better luck somewhere else.

The Good News:

If you work hard enough: $200 monthly will eventually become possible.

Most people will be get around $50 monthly at the start. Until they make themselves known. Accumulate HP. In time, they're going a big following. Probably even a passive income.

But what if you have no skills?

Well, you can go by the community-man route:

  • 1) Read other people's posts. Comment on them.

Make your name known in the community!

You can also turn your comments into a post. Like I did to my comments on @lebah's question in this post. Expand on your comments in the posts. Tag the writers & give them feedback. Be honest. Even if your post is not great, they will feel appreciated. In time, you'll be known as an essential member in the community.

  • 2) Write about what you love!

Write short review posts!

Watched a TV show? Movie? Game? YouTube video? Write what you think about it. Don't have a lot to say? Make one post about multiple similar things.

Example: A post about 3-5 different cat videos you liked on YouTube. Why you liked them? How do you rank them? Is there something in one video you wish the cats in other videos did as well?

It stands for a "Unique Log." #Ulogs are like diaries in a post form. They don't. The term was popularized by @surpassinggoogle!

So, in a #ulog, you write about your day. For as many days as possible! Something boring to you, might be exciting to someone on the other side of the planet!

The problem with this is that #ulogs are hit & miss type of posts so you probably won't get rewarded much for them. The value of ulog is elsewhere: A #Ulog gives a sense of reality to the reader! It's hard to remember that the users behind the screen are real people with real struggles.

If you do [1] and/or [2.] Adding ulog on top will increase the trust Hivers have in you.

If you can try new Cryptocurrencies, do so and write about your experience in #LeoFinance. If you got upvoted. You'll get #HIVE & #LEO for each post. More earnings!

That's for all HIVE tribes but #Leo is the current best.

  • 5) Keep HP! & Delegate it!

This is only if you believe HIVE Price will increase in future. If you do: Don't power down & Delegate most of your HP for passive income! (Leave at least 100 HP in your account though. You need as much as you can to comment.)

There are many service that could use additional HP and will pay you for it. @dlease is one. #LeoVoter gives you %16 APR. Curation groups like @ocdb also give you delegation returns.

Long term it'll help reach $200 monthly faster!

What do you think?

This article was just a revision of my comments of my micro-blogging account @ahmadmangazap about the topic. There are many, many other ways to reach $200 monthly that I didn't mention.

In theory I could earn that much in some months (Counting HP rewards,) but I didn't reach the $200-monthly milestone yet, I have a plan to reach it by mid/late 2022. (Though it depends on HIVE price increasing to work.)

What about you? Do you agree with me? Have something to add? What's your strategy for earning on Hive? Please tell me so in the comments.

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Very nice!

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Thanks for reading!

A little gaming effort also help , I am grossing more than $50 per month in Splinterlands. Only thing is that for earning good you need to invest and need to build with time. Most of the Author/Creator miss the "invest/build" mindset and just left with "complaining" about price of Hive.

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I intentionally didn't mention gaming. They deserve a topic on their on. (I also think they should be seen as games more than money making investments.)

Only thing is that for earning good you need to invest and need to build with time. Most of the Author/Creator miss the "invest/build" mindset and just left with "complaining" about price of Hive.

I agree with this. The main take-away from my post is: You need to invest time, more than you need skills or dependency on Hive price.

All the tips are really nice :)
Leasing HP is something I didn't really think about as a source of income. However, reaching 100HP+ without buying any can take quite a while. If you want to have enough to delegate a proper amount it takes even longer..

Thanks for reading. Earning 100 HP might be a bit hard, but it's possible... You need less than 10 curations by @ocdb. So if you write a bunch of good post in one of the communities supported by the bot you can reach that milestone in less than a month.

That assumes you can write good posts and that #ocd curators see them though... You can increase your chances with sharing on Twitter/Discord.

If you want to have enough to delegate a proper amount it takes even longer..

I totally agree with this. Though even something as small as 100 HP could turn into a passive income if you left it alone for many months.