18 dry goods recommendations for bull market investment in 2021

in LeoFinance4 months ago


On the first day of 2021, I hereby summarize my investment experience for everyone:

1. BTC must maintain a certain position, preferably more than 50% of all encrypted assets investment funds;

2. If you can't do it in Article 1, don't move with ETH;

3. If Article 2 cannot be achieved, part of the positions will go to DOT;

4. Small currency (especially in the DeFi field) position should not exceed 10% of the overall position;

5. Minimize participation in mining such as "new currency-ETH" and "new currency-USDT". LP liquidity mining can participate, but liquidity losses should be reduced, such as using stable currency mining;

6. Ordinary investors should not touch leverage (such as futures contracts, leveraged lending, etc.), masters please ignore it;

7. Don't be discouraged after losing money. If you don't summarize or think deeply, you will lose more in the future;

8. Don't leave too much USDT if you make money, replace it with RMB and put it in your bank card;

9. If Bitcoin breaks through 40,000 US dollars, start to lighten up (don’t hesitate); if it breaks through 50,000 to 60,000 US dollars, it will greatly reduce the position by 70%-80%, and the remaining 10-20% will be held for a long time. One hundred thousand dollars is not a bit. The top of the coin , but no one knows when it will arrive;

10. Don't borrow money to invest;

There are more people making money in the bull market than in the bear market, but there is no guarantee that everyone will make money. The loss in the bull market is even more exaggerated, because everyone is confident in the bull market and will have the urge to borrow money to invest and bet on tomorrow. After the callback, it was all over.

11. If you can't do it in Article 10, there is a limit on the amount of borrowed money: your own three-month work income. If your monthly salary is 100,000 yuan, you can borrow 300,000 yuan;

12. Compared with Article 11, if a close friend comes to you to borrow money, you can borrow, and the upper limit of the loan amount is your basic work income for 3 months;

13. The epidemic continues to develop, and more than 1% of humans have been infected. U.S. stocks, A-shares, and crypto markets have all made good returns this year. There will be many people analyzing why they will rise, so don't believe it too much. Many people will sing a lot, investment must be independent thinking, even if there are professional guidance, they must have their own independent thinking;

Remarks: The earth has a population of 7.7 billion, and the number of confirmed new crowns has exceeded 80 million.

14. Set up your own stop-profit and stop-loss points, and leave when you arrive, without being greedy;

15. In the matter of investing, earning is good, because most people are losing money, and very few people are making big profits. After lightening up and realizing cash, enjoy life, work hard, and don’t worry about making more money.

16. Don't squander if you make money, because you make money for a lifetime and lose money all at once;

17. Credit is a person's greatest asset;

All assets and business activities are designed to increase your credit value. This credit value is not only about how many assets you have, how much money you can borrow from the bank, and how much funds you can mobilize, but also the basis for us to settle down. It involves a person’s All activities.

18. With reference to Article 17, don't be superstitious about the stock market, gold, houses, and encrypted assets. Don't be superstitious about value investing. Most people can't find "value". Improve your skills and cognition, these things can always be realized.