The price of Ethereum is approaching its historical high. How much is the price of Bitcoin in this round?

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Ethereum rose by more than 10%, and the 24-hour highest price reached $1344, which is just one step away from the historical high of $1430 created in January 2018; I said yesterday that the price of Ethereum is for altcoins. It is of great significance; if it can break through all-time highs, then a bull market for altcoins will come.

Ethereum wants to break through a new historical high. In other words, there will be no lock-ups in Ethereum; everyone earns, it is a matter of earning more and less.

Bitcoin has risen from a minimum of US$4,000 to US$40,000 in a year, and Ethereum has risen from US$100 to more than US$1,000; these are all gains of more than 10 times; only altcoins are still struggling; The price of grapefruit a year ago has hardly changed from that of now. It is no wonder that many people consider it to be another stable currency.

What is gratifying is that the price of grapefruit has actually risen today, and it has risen sharply by more than 20%; although other altcoins have not achieved such high increases, they also have rises of different sizes; I think altcoins will ultimately depend on Retail investors come to promote, and now in this situation, retail investors have slowly entered the market.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached new highs. Many investors or spectators who have been on the run can only get worse. The rise of altcoins is not the same as that of Bitcoin. Because of their low market value, their chips are relatively concentrated. , So it is easier to pull the plate. Bitcoin can rise 10 times a year. For altcoins, it is not difficult to increase 50 times a year; the bull market has no upper limit; there are just more risks.

Although the bull market is said to be the best time to make money, in fact, most people who lose money are also in the bull market. Investors can't stand their emotions and are taken away by the market. They will most likely buy at the top of the mountain; they may have to wait until the next bull market to unwind. Obviously, most people cannot bear so long. In other words, a considerable number of people bought it halfway through the mountain, but did not buy at the highest point, and eventually fell quickly, experienced a roller coaster, and left the market. Such investors are expected to occupy the majority. So the most important thing in a bull market is to grasp the timing of selling; this is very important.

Musk has surpassed the second place in assets of 20 billion U.S. dollars and steadily occupies the position of the world's richest man; for Musk, Tesla stock contributes a lot to personal wealth; although there are many unreasonable; this also makes me think, The future price of Bitcoin will exceed everyone's expectations; after all, the criteria for judging new things and traditional fields are obviously not of the same magnitude.

Musk recently stated that Tesla may allow bitcoin payments; I think this will be another important application of bitcoin payments; that is, after Lamborghini, bitcoin is likely to support another popular model;

Some people always think that Bitcoin is a castle in the air, without physical support and no endorsement; but with so many usage scenarios and so many consensus support, are they all castles in the air? I personally expect that in this bull market, Bitcoin can easily exceed $200,000; some people find it incredible; then CNBC's estimated $1 million and investment tycoon's estimated $1,400 are even more fantastic.

Tesla's market value can surpass the world's nine best automakers. Doesn't this mean that there is a serious bubble? But what can this happen? Yesterday's increase was still more than 8%. Tesla can, why not Bitcoin? Once the bubble is large enough, then the market value cannot be estimated; so, imagine as much as possible; that is, it may be beyond your imagination!