¿ Do You Want To Create A Tribe And Are You Lost?

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The biggest investment fund in the hive blockchain @spinvest is doing a fantastic campaign trying to find and fund future tribe leaders/teams for the hive blockchain (Check the post above to get all the info). Without any doubt, A blog with a niche specialized is the correct way to introduce market segments to the hive blockchain. Starting a new tribe is an incredible adventure full of different feelings and if you do things in the correct way, will be so well rewarded.

Starting a GOOD tribe is not so easy

Anyone with 5200 BEE can start a standard tribe with miners, but the real path is having a strong plan, strong tokenomics, strong vision for the future of the tribe or the people will take your tribe and your tag as token farming, and you dont want to see your tribe token going in an eternal death spiral, right?

Now you can go to @spinvest and postulate your idea but if you don't want them to own 50% of your tokens, is better you are prepared with a solid idea, a lightpaper (7-8 pages are ok), a plan answering "what, how, when, why".

We know this can be a hard job at first sight if you are not a crypto freaky like us (al-team), so we are offering a service for all the future leaders which include and is not limited to:

We wont do your homeworks, we will act as friends that will be there to give you advices and helping you to go in the correct way.

  • Helping you in discover your potential niche
  • Guidelines and advice to create your tokenomics
  • Guidelines to create your lightpaper
  • Reviewing your lightpaper
  • Guidelines to SELL your idea ( marketing stuff)
  • Be there to help you with ideas based on the branding of your tribe
  • Contacts with designers, devs (are very scarce), illustrator and YouTubers if it's required.
  • Multilanguage support and helping you to cath the Hispanic public (like helping you to find a hispanic ambassador)
  • Open the doors to a collaboration between the brands of the AL team (musicforlife, hashkings, youtube channel, etc)
  • And we will be there when you need us for financial, creative, administrative advice.
  • etc, etc, etc.

In few words, we will be your personal bussiness advisors.

¿What We Want?

Well there won't be a fixed price, it will be based in which kind of tribe you want to build, the potential we can bring together to your ideas and based on many factors. We are open to different kind of payments:

% of your initial tribe tokens/miners
Monthly subscription for our services (which may or not, be paid with your token)
One payment for specific services (which may or not, be paid with your token)

Again we are down with talking about more ways to finance our services.

¿Who are we?

The AL team is formed by a group of really young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world (Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador). We are the biggest crypto brand focused on having a powerful userbase and community in the Hispanic youtube space, also we are the actual founders of Musicforlife, and cofounders of @hashkings.

We were the first tribe funded by @spinvest, and we think they will be so happy in having more tribe leaders within the fund, because of their exponential capacity to grow which can lead to a win-win situation for everybody.

Reach us at

  • Discord
  • Send a DM to @AL- liuke96#4969

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Excellent write and support,

Thank you for taking the time to write this and offer your time and experience to others. Hopefully together, we can help some people create thier HIVE tribes

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