Earnings Report @alexandrabauer - Week 11

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Another week is over and it's time for another earnings report. There's a lot of action in the crypto market right now with some of the alt coins having huge gains during the week. Sadly, so far Hive hasn't been doing terribly much, but I'm still pretty hopeful that that's about to change and we should soon see another increase in value. We are a bit below last Sunday's prices for all tokens, but nothing dramatic. Let's have a look at the numbers.

TokenAmountAmount IncreasePrice per TokenTotal Value in $

Compared to last weeks, we are down by another 505.99$. The dollar lost a bit as well and is now traded at 0.82$ so that's a total value of 3,749.99€ which is 465.7€ less than last week. Not exactly what I was hoping for and while we are still way higher than what we entered at, the last 5-6 weeks have eaten most of our earnings so far. Nevertheless, the token growth is going steady and we are looking good in that regard. Let's just hope Hive and Leo will manage to go up in value again. I've also sold all the dust sitting in Hive-Engine and used that to buy some more CTP. Long term, I want to build that token as much as I can as I see a huge potential in the tribe.

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