Happy 1st Hardfork-Birthday Hive

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last year there was a massive fork in the crypto world and Hive was born. It was the first time in the cryptoworld, where a community has pulled something like this and has managed to fight the ninja mined stake.

Also, the new chain has survived and is thriving compared to other hardforks, the developing is blooming and the chain is pulled by an awesome community.

A lot has happened in this year, communities have evolved and brought new features and new users, new games and an overall feel that there is a place for everyone.

It was a tough year for the price of the token, as most of the past year, it was a stable token hovering at $0.11-$0.12. Now it is recovering and I hope it crosses the $1 soon.

At the moment the Hive blockchain is in developing. It has a centralized development team, just to give it a kickstart. I hope that we will have soon a decentralized chain and also decentralized communities. Yes, centralized development is faster and efficient, but a crypto blockchain shall have a certain decentralized status when it is approaching maturity.

We are celebrating the first year, so there is time to grow, and we are growing. I'm trying to build my stake up so high as possible, to reach the end of the year with at least 50k Hive Power. I'm somewhere 15k Hive short, but I'm working on it.

I hope that this year, we can meet more, as I love to meet the people in person, to chat with them and exchange ideas.
Before Covid-19, I was meeting Hiveians every second week, now only by phone or text, and it is not that fun.

The connections made in here, have lasted over time, and I'm happy to call some people friends.

And finally a birthday wish, I wish you dear Hive, tenfold what you wish and can give me! Happy birthday!

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