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RE: V2 P2 Release Notes | 21 Minutes of Development Updates

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Thanks for this update! Amazing development which shows a bright future!

It reminded me that there is the twitter post option that I forgot to activate, now that I have a twitter account, thanks to @nathanmars.

Another fact that is interesting is that Romania is on 3 of sharing views with 6%, where I know only 4 users being active on, beside myself when I sometimes use a Romanian IP. This 4 daily users are @behiver, @acesontop, @erikah and @bluemoon. If there is another that I miss, please let me know.


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I'm always sharing my posts and sometimes other users' post as well on Twitter and that's where we can attract new users. We have to get the word out. Now that Twitter signup is integrated, it's especially important.

By the way, it's great to see we're 3rd.

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True, do you know other on leofinance besides the one mentioned? I know others users posting, but not in here.

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Unfortunately no but you can ask on Discord.

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Will do, thanks again. The LEO family is at the moment quite small, so that is why I was asking.

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If you'd use that Romanian IP more often we would be over Germany in no time. Should I start singing "Desteapta-te Romane"?

I might start using it more often, as laws in Germany are terrible from internet point of view.

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@nathanmars is a very good Hive user. Thanks for mentioning him in your comment.

He is also a very good person that I've had the chance to meet in person. He is idealistic and the world and especially Hive needs such kind of personalities.
Thank for dropping by.

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