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RE: LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

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This guys are tremendous (will not call them monsters, as I hate being on some list :) ) and we need to thank them for that.

Rumors are, that some of them also go outside of the leo universe to raise awareness. By those more and more join each day.

It's clear from this report that the community and top stakeholders support users who consistently create content and engage with other user content regularly. If you want to be successful on a platform like LeoFinance, then engagement is 90% of the game.

It would be cool to add also the number of comments, as I think this will motivate the little fishes in the pond to be more active.

The long debated topic on Hive - what is good curation and quality content? - has been solved to a great degree by LeoFinance. Having a niche community with focused content, engaged users and stakeholders that truly believe in widening the distribution and growing the platform makes holding LEO as staked LEO (a.k.a. LEO POWER) an extremely valuable and rewarding activity.

So, so true!

The main point from the above is that ranking curators can be looked at from more than one angle depending on what the final goals are. From a token distribution perspective, the top LEO curators have done an amazing job. Although there is always a space for improving, especially for some (note to self 😊).

Each of us is unique with strengths and weaknesses, so don't go to hard of yourself. If there was no improvement necessary, the world would be not moving.

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