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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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Man, do you need to have a call? Someone to talk to and let it out?

Didn't you had a limited company entity for the bankruptcy? This questions is futile, indeed, but you might have a chance if this is the case.
What do you do as a day job? What are you good at? I'm asking, because there might someone read it, if not me, that can help.

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No one can help mate...laws here in Greece are ridiculous...just like our economy.

At least I still have my day job. That's something. As for the always finds its way...probably

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At least I still have my day job. That's something. As for the always finds its way...probably

At least here I find some positivism and by no means I'm one brainwashed positive thinker fanatic.

And yes, life always finds its ways, if we pay attention to solutions finding and not to search for blame.

In 2007, besides my working job at that moment, I've opened two firms, one was a tanning studio near the students quarter and one was an engineering firm, which had the purpose to lease engineers to different companies for a period of time. German firms needed engineers and I had a pool from Romania, where I was living at that moment.

The firm started pretty well and in 2008 we had 34 engineers hired and leased out in Germany. The firm was paying for food and shelter plus a decent salary for someone coming from Romania. And then those two months came, August and September came. We was forced by the financial crisis of 2008 to cancel all contracts with the other companies. The thing was, that one of this company, where 85% of my employees have been, offered to take them over without anything and we would have been clean. For me this would have been the jackpot, as the accounts where healthy and I could recover easy. "Luckily", I had one employee who told the others to wait that I fire them, as all had clause that if I don't provide work, I need to pay them 3 months, so that they have 3 months holiday and after that to switch to the company. They accepted this, I had to pay them 3 months, but the other company needed them now, not in 3 months, so those idiots brought me a damage in six figures in € and have been unemployed just because they want to trick me.

That was a major blow and I could not recover for some good years as salaries at that time have been much lower than in Greece for example. In the end, as I moved to Germany in 2013, I've sold my house that I have bought for a credit with a good profit and managed to close the credit and the last payments. I worked for that house second jobs, was working in construction during the summer in the US as the pay was tremendous back than..

Since then I'm afraid to start a business that has a certain risk. I hate being an employee but the fear at the moment is greater.

What I want to say is that there are solutions, not on the spot, but sometimes on the near and sometimes in the distant future. Yes, this will leave scars..sadly... just fill your mind with something else if you can for a couple of days and if you need to talk in private, you can find me on discord.

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