A New Store of Value?

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"The institutions" are said to have found themselves a new toy! "The institutions" are said to consider Ethereum as yet another "store of value"!


WTF? What's wrong with BTC now? Why ETH hadn't been a "store of value" until it hit a new ATH? Does it mean that now we have two stores of value? Or maybe even more than two? Let's call every pumping shitcoin a new "store of value" then... Actually, the new "store of value" raises pretty much the same old questions as the previous "store".

Anyway, why "the institutions" suddenly discovered Ethereum? I think,
1st, because ETH is the Second. First Bitcoin, then Ethereum.
2nd, because ETH wasn't pumped so hard as BTC during the last BTC pump, the big ETH pump came when BTC was already off its peak.
3rd, ETH has some actual "use-case" (the real usefulness of this "use-case" is another story). ETH doesn't simply sit deadweight on an account.

Well, whatever, nevermind. Let it be ETH, why not? I just wonder what coin will be the next "store of value".

Strangely, today there's much less talk about the upcoming shortage in BTC supply...

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Hey mate,

I've been voting your content each day for a bit, but I just noticed that you're duplicating this content on another domain.

As you can see, this hurts LeoFinance because Google ranks the other version of all your posts:

Screen Shot

If you're looking for a quick buck, then continue doing what you're doing.

If you're here for the long term success of LeoFinance then please consider writing original content on each.


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Yes, I put my posts here and on Publish0x and probably they go reposted to other places automatically, I mentioned it several times somewhere. As far as I can see, quite a few people do the same, I never thought it's a problem.

Actually, I never checked how Google ranks my posts. My goal is to make my articles read by more people, but I don't believe anyone would go to search for me on Google. I can't see your screenshot but I trust your research anyway. However, I didn't think that Leofinance goes for Google ranks.

As for "a quick buck" -- sorry, are you joking? For all my published posts I've got less than 80 LEO (I bought some myself). This is great, I really appreciate that people come to read my articles and vote for them. But in today's prices 80 LEO is about how much I spend in a department store every other day on food for my family. I don't remember about Publish0x, but it's almost definitely less than $100 in various cryptos -- for a year or so of writings. I don't mean I'm so rich (or poor), or people underestimate my posts and so on, I only mean Leofinance (and Publish0x, others, for that matter) is not an income stream for me, I write my posts definitely not for a quick buck...

I'm not sure how Leofinance should measure its long term success, in a number of writers, readers, tips, or Google ranks. Anyway, if it's a problem, I'll think about what I can do about it.

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I just really think that the curators here should be taking more of a responsibility around rewarding content that's duplicated everywhere else across the web.

For me, the only thing that matters when measuring the success of LeoFinance is traffic and the best source of ongoing traffic is through organic Google rankings.

Traffic means ad revenue which means token burns and a price floor on LEO.

If content is duplicated and Google views the other content as the original article, then that has a negative effect on our domain and as a result, our investment.

This is where I'm coming from when I sent the message.

Just something for you and any curators who read this to consider.

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As far as I can see, Leofinance articles go automatically reblogged at Peakd (and I don't know where else) anyway. And vise versa, an article from Peakd goes automatically reblogged at Leofinance.
I understand what you mean, but from what I know of Mr. Matt Cutts's theories, so-called "duplicated content" is not an issue since a long time ago. Google just prioritizes the copy it indexed first, not penalizes others. However, my SEO knowledge is outdated for like five years at least, maybe something changed since then.
Anyway, I think I've found a trade-off solution.
And it would be good indeed if "the curators" make their say on that. I will probably make a post on that later, maybe it will get some response.

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