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This post is an attempt to rank crypto news by their bullishness. Nothing serious, actually, simply a little just for fun endeavor. It's primarily Bitcoin-oriented, but more or less relevant for other cryptos as well.

So, we open a news feed and see:


Complitely useless. Any CBDC bullshit. "Digital dollar", "digital yuan", "crypto-rouble" and all such shit has nothing to do with cryptocurrency as we know it. CBDC will allow a central bank to pump its paper shitwork even further, to issue moar press-releases and road-maps, to hire moar staff, to appoint moar well-paid directors, and so on. More ways to waste the taxpayers' money, so to say.

Useless. Some small fish (like yet another online store) talks about its "accepting crypto", now or in the future. First, talking doesn't constitute an obligation, and second, the fish will probably be dumping all the crypto it accepts. Besides, who actually cares about what small fish do? However, such news is a good one from the "adoption" point of view.

Neutral. Some big fish (like Uber or Amazon) talks about its "accepting crypto". Even though such news create some hype and helps "adoption", they're pretty much useless for the reasons stated above -- all accepted crypto will be dumped right away.

Bullish. Some "institutional" money bag (a bank, fund, etc.) "is considering the possibility of adding cryptocurrencies to the list of assets we offer our respected clients". In other words, the bag itself doesn't buy anything but it will let their clients buy BTC if they want to. In yet other words, the "retail" money will come in through the "institutions". Nearly the same goes about ETF announcements, though ETFs and similar things are more complicated shit.

Funny bullish. Some celeb twits about crypto. Look how Mr. Musk's twit propelled BTC above $40K within hours! Of course, not every celeb is so powerful as Mr. Musk, but the more fans a celeb has the harder she/he can push crypto up. Naturally, a celeb's twit about buying crypto is more bullish than twitting simply "about crypto".

Pretty bullish. Some big institutional money bag talks about its buying BTC, now or in the future. Well, it's possible that they're really going to buy some. But blahblahblahing doesn't constitute any promise or obligation. And why the bag is talking about it publicly at all, only to buy later at a higher price?

Extremely bullish. Some big institutional money bag is caught buying BTC. It may be some insider info, or an obligatory SEC report, or something similar. The bag buys BTC and doesn't want the general public to notice it -- something is cooking at the market, probably.

"To read or not to read?" -- that is the question my stupid joke aims to help with. Maybe, some AI can do it better.

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