CryptoMatrix and Nigeria

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Ignorance is bliss.

I shouldn't be bothered with Nigeria that much. After all, I live on the other side of the globe, I have neither relatives nor friends there, I've never visited that area, have never studied anything Nigerian, and so on. However, since recently I'm getting news about Nigeria every other day, whenever I open a news feed, no matter if it's a global crypto-related English feed or some local news feed in my language.

Wikipedia says that Nigeria is quite a big country (larger than France) with about 200M people (larger than Russia), with a warm climate, big rivers, and a shitload of oil (it's an OPEC country). However, as far as I could understand, the majority of people there are pretty poor, compared not only to the US and EU but also to some "third-world" countries like Ukraine or Turkey. Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember I saw a post by some Nigerian guy where he confessed that with monthly blogging at Leofinance he'd earned more than the average monthly Nigerian salary. Well, the guy was probably blogging rather hard. Personally, so far I couldn't earn even my average weekly salary with monthly bloggings at Leofinance and elsewhere combined.

Also, as far as I could understand, Nigeria is a rather troubled country. For example, it looks like kidnapping is quite an ordinary thing there. And it's not simple "kidnapping", last week "they" kidnapped like 300 people, then about the same amount the week before, and so on. Maybe, the political and religious situation is really tough there, and the news agencies exaggerate it quite a lot, but in any case, the magnitude of figures looks a bit too much not only for the US and EU but also for many "third-world" countries.

I think most Nigerians are not happy with the situation and are doing something to fix it somehow. However, I don't know what exactly they're doing and how successful they are in doing it. Maybe, they're blogging about it at Leofinance? The news feeds normally don't tell about it, they tell more about gov crypto bans and the Nigerians buying BTC at $70-80K. I wonder if owning BTC will fix the overall situation in the country or it's more like an "escape hatch" for some.


Personally, I'd say the Wachowskis bristers definitely need to see a head doctor and get a handful of pills. However, I don't say it loud, for two reasons. First, their freakiness doesn't do any harm, actually. We, humankind, readily tolerate many things, gay BDSM being pretty much the most innocent of them. So why wouldn't I tolerate some freakiness that makes two persons happy and doesn't harm others? Second, unlike Ms. Hilton or Ms. Kardashian, the Wachowskis bristers are famous not for being freaks but for being tru geniuses. Yup, The Matrix, an overhyped and overquoted visual chef-d'eouvre built upon a pennyworth, but yet attractive philosophy.

Remember the "two pills" story? Pills can do real magic! Take one -- and you will be out of the dirty violent dull Nigerian Matrix and into a clean shiny global digital Zion where everything is unaccountably possible and the fortunes are just around the corner provided you adopt early and have the patience to sit and wait a bit. Ironically, you will even believe that you've broken out and learned the Truth.

Hmmm, I'm sorry to say it looks like a wrong pill. Neither Bitcoin, nor DeFi, nor NFT, nor any other digital shit will fix the overall situation in Nigeria.

Maybe we should watch the Wachowskis and Mr. Tykwer's Cloud Atlas and seek some other philosophy there? For example, our lives are not our own, as Sonmi-451 put it.

Well, whatever, nevermind.

A philosophically poorly designed thing can indeed be profitable monetarily. In my routine graphomaniac attempt I only wonder how bizarrely some unrelated things may actually interweave.

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