Current Situation with My Betfury Investments

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I've already made several articles about my inwastments in three gambling projects, namely Earnbet, Trustdice and Betfury. Recently Betfury has got another wave of hype and I decided to make a follow-up to my previous article.

Recently Betfury guys introduced wagering in ETH and made a celebration around it like bonus spins and ETH save boxes (term deposits). However, all that party was only for those who had "rank 2", that is who spent at least 0.1 BTC on wages. I'm still a "rank 1" so I wasn't allowed to party.

Anyway, the celebrations don't bother me that much. My primary concern is dividend earnings on BFG-BTC tokens -- and currently something is wrong with them.

About two months ago I had about 250 tokens which were earning about 350 sats daily. Today I have about 450 tokens -- and they earn less than 150 sats. BTC rewards pool is down, today it has "only" 78 BTC, while two months ago it was normally well above 100 BTC. Mining still goes on, today less than a half of 5 billion tokens are mined. In other words, today less and less BTC are distributed among more and more BFG. The only way to go through it is to keep mining.

However, wager mining has become less attractive too. The cost of mining went up and it has become pretty hard for me to keep up using the free faucet, staking rewards, cashback, and aff earnings. I have to note that today it's pretty hard to mine any meaningful amount of tokens "for free"...

I expected to use "safe boxes" (BTC term deposits) to bust my earnings a bit, but suddenly I learned that "save boxes" are limited: I have only 5 entry-level boxes in total, and I've already used three of them. I can get more boxes if I become a "rank 2", but those boxes are limited too.

Shortly, today at Betfury I have ~450 BFG earning 150 BTC sats daily, 7500 stats in a 10% monthly "save box" plus like 0-50 sat from various sources. All this was made "for free", with no inputs from the outside. But in the current situation I must decide if I want to keep Betfury as my "toy investment" with no real profits, or I make it a "real investment" and put some real money into it. I'm going to postpone my decision till the end of the current BTC pump, though.

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You made my day: inwastements!!!
I invested in the game but i suck gambling so I lost it absolutely all. So I'm starting from scratch now (only 30% of rank1 achieved). Also I have 3 boxes and I really hope not using those savings.
My plan is collect 100 satoshis for free, go to crash and double them in 2-3 games. Keep collecting 100 satoshis and double. I made 1000 satoshis in one day by doing so, but got greedy and lost it.