My Google, Leofinance, and Publish0x Troubles

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Content is king.
(Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft)

Quality content is king.
(SEO folks on Mr. Gates)

I've already said somewhere that I'm not new in blogging. Over the years I tried a lot of blogging platforms and at the moment I put my articles on Publish0x and Leofinance. 3.jpg

To be exact, I prepare my article in Leofinance's editor, then I publish it at Leofinance, and then copy it to Publish0x (sometimes with some minor editing). In other words, the same article goes published on Leofinance and Publish0x (and also on Peakd and I don't know where else). I'm too lazy to put my articles on Steemit, I don't like Medium's paid acc system, and I don't want to be "moderated" by any vogue guys.

In this double-publishing way I hopefully get twice more readers and twice more crypto-earnings for the same hours of writing. Of course, it's not always the case, but I don't care. I've never tried to hide it, I have a link to my Publish0x blog in my Leofinance profile, I see quite a few people are doing the same, and I never thought it was a problem.

Well, recently I've got a comment that it is a problem.

I just really think that the curators here should be taking more of a responsibility around rewarding content that's duplicated everywhere else across the web. For me, the only thing that matters when measuring the success of LeoFinance is traffic and the best source of ongoing traffic is through organic Google rankings. Traffic means ad revenue which means token burns and a price floor on LEO.

Allegedly, Google search puts my Publish0x copies on top thus driving their traffic to Publish0x and penalizing Leofinance for "duplicate content".

I must confess I've never bothered to read the ToS deep enough to learn about "duplicated content". I thought it was enough that my content is not plagiarism or some spun (reworded) shit or some one-sentence "news", but full-featured articles written exclusively by myself.

I would like to make it clear, guys:

For all my writings I've got like $40 (~80 Leo) on Leofinance and less than $100 (in various crypto) on Publish0x (all in today's pumped prices). Don't take me wrong, I'm really excited when people come to read my articles, vote for them, and leave comments, it encourages me a lot! It's also wonderful to earn free crypto and to have fun with it! But writing articles on Publish0x, Leofinance, and elsewhere is neither a "source of living" nor an "income stream" nor even an "investment" for me. I don't complain, I don't mean my writings are underestimated (albeit rather often I see that a single article I'd never voted for gathers more than all my writings combined), I only mean I was accused of trying to make "a quick buck" -- so a $140 of crypto (which I can hardly cash out into fiat anyway) for a year is "a quick buck"? Really?

I dropped my SEO exercises about 5 years ago, simply because for me they were neither profitably nor funny. What I remember from Mr. Cutts's then theories is that Google's algo prioritizes the copy it found first. I think since Publish0x is older, the crawler visits it more frequently, indexes the content faster, and puts Publish0x copy higher. It's not about "penalizing" anyone. Otherwise, quite a few websites (including Peakd, etc, for that matter) had already been "penalized". Thus the solution is simply to wait for Google to index Leofinance articles first, and only then to repost them elsewhere. Well, maybe thighs have changed in SEO since then, but I don't think they changed that bad. It would be interesting to hear a say from today's SEO folks.

Mr. Bill Gates once put a theory that "content is king". SEO folks then added that "quality content is king". It means that content must engage users. A user comes, reads something that engages him -- and he decides to stay here longer or to return later -- to read something else. It has little to do with Google search ranks. Does yet another "I'm a noob here" or "BTC made 2.5% again!" articles engage users, even if they're "original" and ranked No.1?

Anyway, do my articles really drive traffic to Publish0x thus abusing Leofinance? I bet they're outside the top-100 for any traffic-driving keyword. It's nearly impossible to find them in Google unless you search for them exactly. In other words, my posts hardly drive any Google traffic at all, be it to Leofinance, Publish0x, or my self-hosted blog (which I don't have). It's the existing readers (engaged by me, but mostly by others, of course) who read my posts (and I hope they find them fun enough to stay longer or to return later).

I didn't dive into Leo tokenomics deep enough to learn if it really relies on ad revenue, I would like someone to point me to that. But let's pretend it does. Then it would be mutually beneficial to state it clearly in bold. Maybe even to get an SEO guy who could make research and run a "Keyword of the week" column or something similar. After all, there's nothing wrong with running an ad revenue driven blogging machine.

"Why wouldn't you simply put one post on Leofinance and another one on Publish0x or wherever you want, instead of writing all this bullshit?", you might ask. Well, first, I'd want to write some bullshit today anyway. And second, why would I, really? The way I go now I have (theoretically) twice more readers (and yes, twice more earnings) for the same hour of writing. I love to have more readers (and yes, earnings) -- otherwise, I wouldn't write anything at all. I hope (I kinda doubt it, but I hope nevertheless) that I can entertain them and thus help humankind a bit. And now I'm asked to shut it down for some reason I find questionable, to say the least.

Yo, curators! Is Google traffic the only thing that matters?

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