The Crypto Show

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If you've seen a show,
You already know
How magical theater can be
It's a two-hour live-action barely affordable
Un-lip-synced version of "Glee".
So this song goes out to the rest of you
Those who've never seen theater before
Because Broadway has never been broader
It's not just for gays anymore!
(Neil Patrick Harris, The 65th Tony Awards Opening)

What people pay for when they go to watch a soccer game?

"For watching the game, obviously", you might say. Well, indeed. But what exactly for?

I mean watching a soccer game will hardly make you any wealthier (unless you're a club owner or a bettor). Watching a soccer game will hardly make you any healthier (especially considering the amount of beer and chips being consumed during the game). Twenty-two young healthy millionaires kicking the ball across a grass field for an hour and a half don't produce anything useful, like potatoes, coal, or vacuum cleaners. So what exactly the fans pay their pennies for so readily?


They pay for a storm of emotions, a dose of endorphin. They get it when they feel themselves a part of a like-minded crowd, when their adored team wins, and even if it looses still there's hope that "next time we'll sure fuck 'em!!1"


The cryptomarket is like a soccer game. Or rather, the cryptomarket is a show, a fictional (or rather, hyperreal) game of make-believe. It has its spectators obviously, but also directors, lead stars, secondary characters, extras, and a chorus line. It has commentators and critics who write the reviews for "industry journals". To take part in it is fun, and besides it can bring some extra money too. Pretty much the only thing the show lacks is any useful outcome.

Even more, it's a live show. By "live" I mean not only "real-time", but mostly that the actors don't play, they really live it. Actually, everybody can play an active role in it, for a quite affordable fee!

However, I don't imply that being a show is bad. Just like a soccer game, it creates new workplaces, attracts tourists and the like. It's even possible to become rich from participating in the crypto market show. What I imply is that rules of showbusiness are more applicable here than any boring "economy". Otherwise, it would be simply stupid to look for "support" and "resistance levels" at the BTC.D chart.

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