Whales Strike Dumpers Back

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

Grayscale and Microstrategy, the main newsmakers (and ad hoc crypto market makers) of the current pump, have another butch of great news!


First, Grayscale seems to finish dumping their XRP bag. It means XRP hodlers might relax a bit, and what's more important -- Grayscale probably has some spare bucks to buy some other shit. Of course, they've probably bought some already, but they might well have some cash left.

Second, Grayscale re-opened its funds for new clients. That is, we (or rather, Grayscale) may well expect a good cash inflow from wannabe crypto-investors. Needless to say that this inflow will probably go straight to the crypto market!

And third, Microstrategy is going to host a Bitcoin for Corporations event. As far as I could understand Mr. Saylor and Co. will try to shill crypto (and related services) to the big guys. Well, it's a tough task, actually, it's not like twitting about Doge. But Mr. Saylor knows how to talk, and I'm sure they prepared something to lure the big guys in. I would want to see the list of attendants to the event!

Well, it looks pretty bullish overall, both short term and long term. Big money and hot marketing are what every hard pump needs!

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