Crypto is Bleeding Again.. :(

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The crypto currency market is bleeding again and we can see the entire market in red color today. There is a dip of almost 10% in BTC and Ethereum prices. This is something not happening for the first time and if you are in crypto experience for the last few years then I'm very sure that you must have witnessed similar situations many times. But it is going to affect the new people in the market because they are going through repeated price dropping with cryptocurrencies and then something might make them feel uncomfortable.

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It could be another buying opportunity for the people who want to buy the dip but since this has been going on for some time so small investors might have to spend all their money. Spend all my money previously to buy some coins and now have nothing in hand for further buy-in crypto and maybe this would be the same situation for many people like me.

There are much negative news floating around and even now Donald Trump has called BitCoin at this time which could be another reason for this price downfall. I have always seen that when BitCoin prices keep on increasing then we can see a lot of positive news but if something goes wrong then we can also have a bunch of negative news floating around. Elon Musk has already been doing bad offer the crypto prices and now seems like Donald Trump has also joined Trail.

Looking at the price drop I can't see that bitcoin dominance it is still not dropped that much and it could be a good reason to be hopeful but again it's very difficult to predict the next move. It can go upwards or downwards it's something not easy to predict however if you are a long-term believer that there is nothing to worry about.

We must believe that crypto is here to stay so if we believe in this thought then it does not make a bigger impact and this is not the time to sell. I am watching everything but not doing anything because I am not in posting to buy due to fund shortage and have no plan to sell anything.

I checked Leo and Hive's price as well and Leo's price quite cheap now. Its been a long time when I saw this price for Leo token and in my opinion, this is the right time to buy LEO. I am working to arrange some funds and if I am successful then I will be buying some LEO tokens.

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I am keeping a close eye on both token prices and in terms of Hive there is no much change in Leo's price because both coins have dropped however buying with USD will be beneficial.

Thank you so much

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