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I had started the DeFi journey with CubDefi and when it was launched a couple of month back. Initially, APR was so high but later when more people joined then it was reduced but still it was quite high. I joined DENS earlier and later when more farming pairs were added then I moved to farm as well. I continued to put my coins in Dens as well as farming and it was helping me earn a good number of CUB toke every day.

Now we have got another new thing called Kingdom and finally, I joined this one. I have done my staking in the CAKE pool and I will earn dual apr returns. I have come ou from CUB/BUS farming pair and purchased cake tokens that are staked in the kingdom.

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I expect that the cake token will do well since its a bigger community and one of the popular coins in the DeFi segment. It has already shown significant price growth and hope that it should reach a minimum of $50 so I am not going to sell anything and will continue to do compound investment here.

I am keeping my CUB in Dens as well so its earning me an APR of approx 72%. I have staked almost 200$ CUB and once I harvest the balance then I will have over 200 CUB staked.

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DeFi is a good investment option and there are a bunch of options to be part of like Dens, Farming pool, kingdom, etc. I do harvest my CUB tokens once a week and then reinvest them so that I get returns on my investment. I am accumulating more CUB and I expect the CUB price to be good in the long run and won't be surprised if it reaches $10.

Patience is the key in investment and with this, we get to earn better returns, and the same I have been doing here with my investment on CUB.

Thank you so much

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