Can Conceptual Real Hoverboard Become A Commercial Reality

Everyone wants to fly in sky like birds freely and want to Walk in air freely like a magician.

Ahhhh..... Seems impossible. :(

No, it's possible with flying hoverboards and real hoverboards.
The Real hoverboard is no doubt a fascinating and exhilarating hoverboard. Real hoverboard was first designed and developed by Hendo and Lexus, but unfortunately, these hoverboards are not commercially available.
Real hoverboard uses an electromagnet in its engine and works by the process of electromagnet repulsion. There are electrically charged magnets in the engine of the hoverboard. The electromagnets work with inductors which ultimately create a strong magnetic field, and when the created magnetic field is strong enough the board start floating in the air. In this way, a real hoverboard works.
But the question is shall we be able to use real hoverboards and will companies be able to sell real hoverboards commercially.
The answer is still not known, companies are working on it, but as you know real hoverboard needs special tracks or roads and proper infrastructure and this needs a lot of planning and of course a lot of money.
But losing hope is not good companies are working on it and no doubt the future will be amazing and we'll be able to fly and walk in the air freely.

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