BROFI in numbers - April 1st to May 13th . Detailed report .

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Good evening to everyone , I hope you all are doing well .

It has been over one month and a half since @brofi was released .
I had already posted about during the first week after its release and now I think it is a good time to revisit it .

If you want to know about @brofi , visit this post by @brofund .

April 1st to May 13th .

I have taken the above period data to see how brofi is performing , is it consistent in returns , which token delegation has the most APR etc .

Now to begin with , at present what's the delegation status to @brofi ?

SymbolAmount delegated to @brofi

Now let's see some numbers

Daily BRO payments from April 1st to May 13th


Well it has been very consistent actually . All the quantity you see are in "BRO" since @brofi pays BRO everyday .

The only exception I see in this is on 8th May which is almost double than the other days . So I went and checked what happened and seems like there was a double payment on 8th May .


The average BRO payout daily is - 14.5 BRO .

The median is - 14.24 BRO .

Not a big difference here . So you can expect to see the same in future too : 14 BRO daily payment for delegations .

Number of unique users who are receiving BRO from @brofi for delegations .


Well on April 1st 304 users received BRO dividends from @brofi but now on 13th May - 339 users received it .

The maximum number of users was on 6th May ( 340 users ) .

Total delegations vs converted to Hive delegations -


If we just calculate the delegation amount of each token without converting it to Hive , it doesn't make much sense because you can check in the above graph , SPORTS has the highest delegation ( absolute number ) but we all know the tokenomics of each token is different . So we have to convert it to Hive before comparing . So after converting to Hive , Hive itself stands in number 1 position and 2nd position is taken by LEO .

Note: These numbers are as of 13th May ( even the price of each token is calculated not on 14th (( date of posting)) but on 13th May ) .

Symbol wise payment .

There are 26 tokens accepted right now and not each and every symbol gets equal payment from @brofi .

Let's see which token delegation has received the highest BRO rewards in this period .


Majority is Hive . It has received 302.7 BRO in the above period .

Next comes LEO with 153 BRO .

Then STEM , CTP , NEOXAG , POB , CINE and others .

Now , since Hive has highest delegations , obviously it will get more BRO rewards right ? So if we want to calculate returns then we have to look at the APR for each symbol to get better insight .

Yesterday's payment BRO proportion symbol wise.


Well if we consider yesterday's payment Hive got 50% of the rewards , LEO 25% and the rest among others ( not equally )

APR of each symbol

Note: This APR is calculated based on the price of each token on 13th May and the returns from @brofi on 13th May .


STEM has the highest APR with 70% . NEOXAG , LEO are also doing great with respect to APR . Others are not so great but not so bad either .

If you delegate each and every token , then you will get average APR of 7.41 .

But if you delegate say only HIVE and LEO ? Which seems to be the popular combination .

If you delegate only HIVE and LEO then the APR is - 18.12 % APR .

Top earners

Here are the top earners . top_earners.gif

@nuthman leads the chart . As of yesterday he had delegated 15k HP and 100 LEO to @brofi . I am not sure if it is the same from the beginning ( no way to know :( unless he only confirms) .

So he has received 54.85 BRO for the total period , that's around 1.1 BRO per day which is awesome .

Final words.

We have seen that the BRO payments have remained more or less very consistent around 14 BRO per day . If this doesn't increase and in case the delegations increase then we will see the APR decreasing .

What users needs to do ?

  • They need to delegate to @brofi if they believe in BRO and can't curate themselves or earn themselves.

What the @brofi needs to do ?

  • Increase the payment of BRO . 14 BRO isn't gonna be enough if they expect the delegations to keep on increasing .
  • Release another token as a subsidiary of BRO called SIS to use for @brofi alone :p ( Just kidding )

That's just my opinion based on the analysis , I know raymond knows what's the best to do .

This is it from me today . I will be back soon with another analysis . Take care , feel free to ask me questions here in the comment section .


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Brofi is really a good option where you have tokens of more than one tribe. There are cases where you were engaged with one community but later the ROI or prices goes down and you lose interest in it, in such cases brofi looks good

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Thank you for the stats, keep up the great work.

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I guess I should consider delegating my NEOXAG over but I don't really have much. But I am liking the current dividend payouts. I haven't gotten anything besides SIM so far but I am getting more BRO everyday.

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( no way to know :( unless he only confirms)

Technically, I think you could look it up in wallet history if you really wanted to know. Not sure if everyone welcomes the idea of having people snoop around and
especially reporting on their delegation history but it's the blockchain after all..

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Wallet history doesn't show it :(

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Ahh yes not wallet, but something like hive block explorer or hive tasks could help out and show some info. Although like I said it's really zooming in on someone's account and publicizing about it so not sure how people feel about that..

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I've started delegating spare tokens to Brofi. The return is pretty tiny but I'm hoping it's more than I was getting from curating. 😂

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exactly this! I can't be bothered to curate in every single tribe! BroFi to the rescue!

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Cheers good to read about! We have a little bit in there but will put some more in!

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15.58% APR for Hive is not bad, but since that will likely go down with more delegations we will see how those evolve if you'll repeat this awesome data mining job after a while. STEM and NEOXAG I don't delegate to brofi, despite the great APR, because I want to increase STEM and NEOXAG themselves on my account.

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Great stats!

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Hey thank you :) Glad you liked it :p

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Really complete post !

Increase the payment of BRO . 14 BRO isn't gonna be enough if they expect the delegations to keep on increasing .

As you said ! This is needed if they want little account to join the delegation ! For a big one who delegates 1000 Leo or more, no problem they'll get a pretty good amount of daily BRO, but when I delegate my 4 POB, this is not giving a lot.

I'm not saying to give a 1500% APY, but having sometimes 0.00001 for delegating half or your stake or more, it hurts.

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Raising payouts would also raise them for the 'big ones'. I think if its a good APR then its good on a little or a lot. If you could earn more than pennies curating those tribes, you would do it. 4 pob is worth like 6 hive, or 3 dollars, even 100% apr is less than 1 penny per day.

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Yes, I somehow realized it after writing my comment. That would do exactly the same. Just more delegation to it but since the APR goes down depending of the delegation, it would probably stop at the same step.

Well I think @ecoinstant answered the question in the best possible manner .

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Yeah, I think too :')

Congrats 🎉🍾🎈 Bros ! Mancave and Brofi to the moon 🌙

You are like the chart god! lol I always love your reports and the graphics to go along with it are right up my ally in terms of things I like seeing. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. BroFi assets are growing!

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You just made my day :) hehe thanks a lot . Just using my knowledge here to provide insights .

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18% APR is decent considering BRO daily dividends and compounding. The number of project BRO is involved if anyone of them booms, BRO will see higher dividends APS, like we saw when LEO was around 34 hive. So I'm liking it. I did my reduce my Leo delegation, but I delegated somewhere else for some better APR. HIVE and other delegations are still pretty solid. :) Overall it is a win win.

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Totally agree .

One of the tribes in which BRO holds a lot is CINE and I think it will grow big in future .

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This is very details report with all numbers and aspects in it.
Can you also buy and sell bro in the market directly ?
Is there a minimum number of day you need to delegate ?
You provided your earning but how much delegation have you done ?
!luv 1

Can you also buy and sell bro in the market directly ?

Yes you can do that here -

Is there a minimum number of day you need to delegate ?

No , nothing of that sort .

You provided your earning but how much delegation have you done ?

I have mentioned the delegations in post too , first section .

Mainly you should be looking for APR portion , that is what matters .

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A note from the @brofi dev (@taskmanager):

Excellent post @amr008!

Brofi automatically adjusts for more delegations, so more delegations means more income, means more BRO purchased each day means increased daily payouts. It just takes a bit to balance out if a large delegation arrives at once.

The last couple weeks or so we have been slowly making gains on the amount of BRO bought through the market per day, this means brofi is finally on the rise instead of slowly shrinking in payments.

I look forward to releasing the next stage in brofi's development, allowing leasing of brofi's staked tokens for BRO. This BRO will go into brofi and back out to those who delegate in!

We can also look forward to account creation through brofi. This will cost BRO to create an account (only good for alt or secondary account creation), and newly created accounts through brofi will receive a timed delegation of HIVE and selected Tribe tokens to get the fresh accounts started.

Now all we need is for people to vote POB up a little, seeing as it's earning at the same levels as LEO and HIVE are for brofi, us BRO's should vote it a little better to reflect that.

That is really great to hear . I am glad you took your time to explain this .

Now all we need is for people to vote POB up a little, seeing as it's earning at the same levels as LEO and HIVE are for brofi, us BRO's should vote it a little better to reflect that.

Only those who have delegated POB can vote ?

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Anyone with a BRO balance can vote for 4 tokens (3 if using the brofi bot), pool ranking is determined by these votes, and payouts per pool is weighted by pool rank.

So any bro user could vote for it, but anyone who delegated POB should use one of their votes for it.

Kinda sad to see so little BEE in there. Anyone wanna match me another 50-100?

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Ah yeah right now , not a great position for BEE in brofi .

Anyone wanna match me another 50-100?

If I had I would do it :(

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I bumped it up to 300. Maybe someone willdrop something. 🤷‍♂️

Lol, if nothing else it'll keep me from losing it somewhere. 😁

I'd like to get more Gov and mining token drips coming in, generally speaking.

I love me some dripcoins! BRO not only fulfills that aspect but it's a valuable token in it's own right. As another commenter mentioned, the APR on Hive might be 18%, BUT that doesn't factor in the added drips you get for having more BRO. I'm up 18 BRO with my delegations over this time period but I'm also up bits and pieces of CINE, LOTUS, STP, ARCHON, SIM, BEE, STEM, WEED, LEO, PAL, and NEOXAG. Factor those drips into the number and the percentage goes up from there. Not a ton, obviously, but everything counts. Who knows? Someday any or all of those tokens could be worth 10x, 100x, or more from where they are now, and I'm getting them for free.

Did I mention I love me some dripcoins? :-)

Great post as always, AMR! Every time I turn around you're showing me how much money I'm making. lol

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Totally BRO , INDEX , DHEDGE are all great investments . If we are regular and do "compounding" the right way we can see exponential growth .

Every time I turn around you're showing me how much money I'm making. lol

Hehe , I am happy to hear that . Let me know if you would like to see data of any specific project I will post about it .

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Oh, cool. I didn't realize I was the top earner. I think I delegated pretty close to when it first started. I'm not exactly sure.

Well yeah you picked the best two coins to delegate :) The Hive delegation of 15k is massive which paid you a little more than 1 BRO everyday . LEO is extra .

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I actually have even more delegated since you made this post. 25k Hive and 460 LEO. The return on delegating to BROFI is slightly higher than delegating to leo.voter... Of course this changes practically daily with the wild price swings.

Oh that's nice to hear :)

Feel free to ask me for data if you need any . I will get it for you .

The return on delegating to BROFI is slightly higher than delegating to leo.voter... Of course this changes practically daily with the wild price swings.

This is true and one bonus with BRO is you get drips daily .

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Thanks for this! I've put most of my unused tribe tokens into bro. 20% for leo is pretty sweet. I think only your engagement project pays more?

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My engagement project too pays on an average 20% itself for LEO except one week in which it paid out more than 35% .

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Im looking forward to the next report. Im saving up my hive again to delegate to @brofi. 🥰

A new report will be posted on Monday :)

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