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Good morning to everyone . It is saturday , as many of you who follow me already know , I have been posting vote analysis of various Leo Accounts every Saturday . Last Saturday due to some personal issues , I wasn't able to be come online on Hive and hence couldn't post .

So far we covered the following users

1st week - @onealfa.leo - post-link

2nd week - @taskmaster4450le - post-link

3rd week - @lbi-token - post-link

4th week - @khaleelkazi - post-link

5th week - @spinvest-leo - post-link

6th week - @trumpman2 - post-link

Today ?

@brofund-leo vote analysis

First vote

Latest vote

Total number of votes delivered

  • 3718 ( as of posting this )

Past 30 days vote analysis

Number of votes in past 30 days -

  • 332

Number of unique authors upvoted

  • 89

During this period we had 2225 unique authors .

Out of which 89 have been upvoted by @brofund-leo .

Upvoted vs not upvoted by brofundleo.png

Note that out of , not all have put up posts . Most of them might have posted just comments.

Average percentage of upvotes

  • 89.64 %

Last 7 days number of upvotes - datewise

DateNumber of upvotes

Top 10 authors who have received most @brofund-leo upvotes ( past 30 days - percentage wise )

AuthorTotal percentage

Top 10 authors who have received most @brofund-leo upvotes ( past 30 days- number of upvotes )

AuthorNumber of upvotes

Number of 100% upvotes in past 30 days

  • 266

Number of unique authors who received 100% upvotes in past 30 days

  • 80

Coming to the interesting part , when does @brofund-leo upvote ? Make sure you are awake at that time .

This is from April 15th 2021 .


I hope this serves as a motivation to others . We are proud of our whales who take so much of time to make this community and platform better by rewarding deserving authors.

All the whales can easily either self-vote or put into autovotes but that won't reward deserving authors , I am happy about our whales and everything they are doing . I hope you are too .

Feedback - did you like this post ? Would you like me to post about one unique users vote analysis every week ? If yes , whom should I pick next ?

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very nice analytic for the whale account. nice to know that Bro really spread out his vote.

keep up the good work my friend

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Thanks @alt-runner :)

Any suggestions for next week buddy ?

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I like the analysis since it gives us more insights about their voting patterns. It seems like they come by 2-3 times a day to vote on a few content.

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Yeah couple of big votes rather than numerous small votes seems to be it's pattern .

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I like the last one which shows the pattern of upvotes as this gives me an idea when i should post to have bigger chances to getting up vote.
As always, great work and thanks a lot for doing and sharing the analyses.
!luv 1

I agree :) I hope to add more info next week but as far as I can see , the heatmap of votes is the best data I can provide .

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Whenever you see any username that starts with "onealfa' just know you have seen a whale,he is always doing a wonderful curating job on many tribes...@onealfa.pob keep it up sir....

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Yeah he is one of the best curators we have on tribes . The fact that he does it manually impresses me a lot .

Posted via proofofbrain.io