Engagement Project - Dividends Report - 306% POB , 23% LEO

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Good evening to everyone . It is Sunday and I am here to report the delegators dividends for the Engagement project .

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Coming to the report


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in CTP


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in STEM


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

APR calculation

POB - 306.1 %
WEED - 5.36 %
LEO - 23.07 %
CTP - 28.94 %
STEM - 18.87 %
SPORTS - 45.56 %

How to participate ?

You don't have to register or anything . All you have to do is comment from these frontends

https://ctptalk.com - to get CTP upvotes
https://sportstalksocial.com - to get SPORTS upvotes
https://leofinance.io - to get LEO upvotes
https://stemgeeks.net - to get STEM upvotes
https://weedcash.network - to get WEED upvotes
https://proofofbrain.io - to get POB upvotes

Remember that you have to comment from these frontends itself , why? to increase the traffic for the site and improve the rankings of the site . ( Believe me , it works , look at SportsTalkSocial alexa rankings ) .

But will everyone get upvoted ?

No , only the top 25 engagers will get upvotes , they will be ranked everyday based on quality of comments , number of authors they have spoken to etc .

But as I mentioned before the competition is less on sportstalksocial , stemgeeks and ctptalk to some extent so don't miss this opportunity to earn these tokens .

The ranks are uploaded along with the data on https://hivelayers-stats.herokuapp.com everyday . Just go to community page ( choose this in left top ) .

How can you support?

Delegate , spread the word , engage on different frontends , reblog this .

Delegation accounts -
LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
WEED - @amr008.weed
POB - @amr008.pob


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May be a small dividend, but I am very happy to receive it every Sunday. At this rate, If I am invested for 16 weeks, and the rate of dividend remains more or less the same, I would probably receive the amount equal to POB power delegated to the engagement project. What a tokenomics ? Thank you very much for the dividends.

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I am very happy to hear that .

Thank you very much for the dividends.

My pleasure @vanillavow.

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Pretty crazy APR there right? Doubt it will be like this for 16 more weeks straight though, but at the rate it's been dropping so far it's nothing short of spectacular

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Its always good to see the dividends. Sports giving constant 45% returns and #POB giving more than 300% returns, though it has already started reducing helps to make me smile on the Sunday Eve.

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Yeah , the competition is increasing on POB everyday so it is becoming tougher to earn at the same rate .

Will try to maintain it over 300% though .

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I am still not able to understand the tokenomics behind #pob. How can you generate more than 300% for past few weeks. Rather for any token 300% is a too high rate of income generation. This is remarkable, but then why tokens like leo or ctp can not generate such high amount of curation rewards. Another token I am tracking is #bht which is not part of engagement project but it generates more than 100% APR.

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It's been reducing, sure. But can anyone really complain about 300+ APR? How many weeks has it been at that level?

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No I am not at all complaining. I am invested in the two tokens which are the top two performers on the engagement project. I am rather happy that I have delegated the right tokens to the project.

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Good to hear! Yeah any token is good for this project, can't really go wrong :-)

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Thanks for the dividends! It's my second week and I'm already contemplating delegating other tokens, as well as increasing my current small delegations. Probably after my next power ups. I've also been using the STEM front end for comments, and I wish more people would do the same.

That's very nice to hear . I will do my best to provide good returns .

I've also been using the STEM front end for comments, and I wish more people would do the same.

That's great , the competition is less over there so yeah it makes total sense to do that .

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A day i always look forward to. Great to see another week of good returns. You are the best
Thanks for all you do

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I enjoy this :) Happy to spread the tokens around . It is really hard to curate ourselves everywhere .

Will keep giving my best .

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Another great week with lot of engagement. Well done to the community and congratulations to the people in this list who got dividends.

Going to have to go to LEODex and power it up and delegate more to your project.

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Hehehe I wish there was a simpler way than that but unfortunately , there isn't .

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Hello @amr008, what do I need to do to be a part of those getting the dividend every week?

Do I just need to delegate the various token you mentioned to those accounts highlighted alone?

And that is just it? Nothing more?

Thank you for responding in advance

Yes @edystringz you are correct.

Make sure you delegate to the correct account though.

I mean -

POB for @amr008.pob
CTP for @amr008.ctp

And so on.

You can delegate any amount of token , no minimum or maximum.

Every Sunday I will give you dividends in the same token that you have delegated.

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I'll do just that

Thank you

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happy to see i'm making into top 50 engagement on POB pretty consistently, was definitely the goal.

loving these stats, but i think i say that every time i comment on your stats posts, lol. keep it up!

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loving these stats, but i think i say that every time i comment on your stats posts, lol.

Please don't stop it :p lol .

And very happy to see you in top 50 . Keep climbing the ladder though because the higher you rank , the higher your rewards are.

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Thanks for this week payment

No problem at all , hope you are happy with the returns .

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Thanks for the dividends. Honestly I am really debating about delegating sports over as it just makes more sense since I am commenting over there and to support the project.

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Thank you for all the delegation .

SPORTS delegation has been increasing every single day which is good :) I will happily accept it .

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