HCS tool update - View your past 30 days post +comments count ( including stats from various frontends ) + Engagement Project data

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Good morning to everyone , hope you all are doing well .

Last week I released a tool through which you could see how many posts / comments you have made on that particular day + there was a faucet kind of feature which paid you for commenting on various front-ends .

Today I have made some changes to it -

Main updates

  1. I have removed the liquid payouts ( faucet ) because we moved to curation program in which the curation account that I have set up upvoted top 25 engagers on 4 tribes . More about this - Announcement post

  2. I have added post + comment count for past 30 days , all you have to do is enter your hive username .

  3. I have added the frontend data - that is - which frontends have you used everyday to make your posts and comments.

  4. I have retained today's data which shows how many posts and comments you have made today + which frontends have you used to make it .

  5. Finally I won't be uploading Engagement stats everyday on Leofinance anymore , I have moved it to the app . You can see all dates curation stats over there .


  1. As soon as you open https:hivecommunity-stats.herokuapp.com , you will already see the Engagement Project stats over there for recent date ( that is yesterday because yesterday comments are upvoted today )
    Change the date to see previous stats too . I will upload the stats everyday around 5 AM UTC so you can check it .

  2. Enter your username on the left sidebar and click Enter . It will load the previous 30 days posts and comments details for your account and show these three -

    • image.png

    • postcomment.gif

      • The last bar is today's bar so you can easily see today's data too from here.
    • frontend.gif

      • This shows from which frontend you have posted everyday .
    • image.png
      - This is today's data which shows how many posts and comments you have made from various frontends .


I have tried retrieving the data from various accounts , maximum time taken was 12 seconds for @taskmaster450le which had near to 2000 posts +comments in last 30 days .

So when you try it out please give it sometime to load all the data and do the calculations .

Engagement program

We continue to grow as we have been receiving delegations from various users. All the data regarding delegations and rewards will be moved to the tool eventually.

Just post from https://leofinance.io , https://STEMGeeks.net , https://ctptalk.com , https://sportstalksocial.com and get upvoted .

STEM has less competition so go over there and start engaging to get upvoted .

If you want to delegate , here are the accounts -

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
STEM - @amr008.stem

My other apps -


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Excellent project! Just delegated a small sum of CTP tokens, next to the SPORTS tokens from start of the week. Keep on building!

Thank you

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Thank you for your constant support.

You will get paid every week in the same tokens that you have delegated. I am hoping to give high APR so let's see how it goes.

Once again thank you :)

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I thank you for building stuff and making the blockchain grow. Will delegate you some more over time, especially in the communities where I'm not that active and that also need support!

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Thank you so much . Will keep improving the code to check the quality of comments . I am working on it right now too and also I have some other ideas to increase the engagement so hope everything goes as planned.

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Just take your time. You are doing a great service. About the quality of the comment it is very hard to judge. Some are short, but definitely fit in the discussion and some are random long ones. So this is a pretty tough challengeyou tackle.

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True. That's why I have introduced unique words into the script now. Will test run it and see if it works well.

Will keep fine tuning it too by manually checking the comments.

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Focus more on development than on checking comments, that would be my personal advice!

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Glad so many want's to delegate to this project! :)

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He is doing a good job and good jobs shall be supported. I'm a supporter of delivering, instead of begging. I think this can be further and he will work on it with some good motivation.

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I'm a supporter of delivering, instead of begging.

I agree with this, and I love to see people innovate and build new stuff to Hive-universe.

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Keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much @eirik .

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Nice, so now I don't need to go in and claim my rewards =)
Can you see how many people are using the tool?

I can include the codes to see who checked recently but I didn't add it lol . I will add it in future.

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Great work again mate!! Check your Sports account. I just delegated you that 500,000 I promised :-)
Best wishes fella!

Damn thanks :)
Means a lot . Sports right now has one of the largest delegation for this project , if the proposal gets passed the delegators will be in for a treat..

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Nice gesture! I have also delegated some sports to this amazing project :)

Congrats ,you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on CTPTalk .
You made a total of 1 comments and talked to 1 different authors .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Awesome app! First time I've been there. It's now been bookmarked. I'm not really sure what I'm looking at yet or what any of it really means but, I'll figure it out eventually. Just trying to stay engaged....that's the point, right? :-)

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Thank you :)
Yes , stay engaged to get good ranking and the Top 25 ranks will get upvotes .

Go on the 4 different platforms to engage but remember to maintain the comment quality .

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