HLS tool update - added TAN to the tool . TAN provides - 17.5% APR .

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Good evening to everyone , hope you all are doing well .
I had the script ready to add TAN couple of days ago itself but unfortunately I did some mistake in the code which was retrieving wrong balance . I then got busy with something else so couldn't fix it but today I took time to fix it and release it.



As you already know , my app contains investment tokens details - you buy and hodl the tokens and you get paid dividends either daily or weekly .

TANGENT is one among them , it pays dividends daily to its hodlers ( TAN token hodlers ) in SIM .

I just saw that they provided 17% APR with the current SIM prices , that is amazing right?

Remember you have to stake your TAN to get dividends.

HLS - update

  1. Select "Token" in the first box.
  2. Select "TAN" in the second box.
  3. Press Enter and it will retrieve the data .

The above data is ofcourse for @theguruasia account.

Note- I always add the data with a delay of 1 day , this is to make sure that all the investment tokens have completed their payments for the current day and so that there should be no confusion because say for Dhedge , to complete all payments it takes hours together because they pay in 20 tokens . That is why you always see a 1 day delay in the app

Do you hold TAN ? Are you getting paid from @tan.stake ?

Hive Giveaway -

As you might already know , I am running a hive giveaway for this week .

Prize = 1 HIVE

To win you have to be in Top 20 in LEO + CTP + SPORTS and Top 5 in STEM .

Engagement project -

  1. I have uploaded today's data to the app.

  2. Also the sports proposal will most likely pass ( we already surpassed 51% ) so we will get 10 Million SPORTS delegation from @sports-gov account .

  3. To boost engagement further , I have started "SPORTS TODAY" initiative - link - hop on and talk about any sport :)

  4. To support the project - delegate to the following accounts -

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports


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Wow many thanks & it's pretty cool & very useful tool! Thanks for adding TAN with it! Finally we highly appreciate your effort!


I am glad you liked it :) Hope more people will come forward to buy this because 17.5% APR is amazing.

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I always wondered what tan is but never really cared to explore it.
Thanks for valuable info. I will dig more on their dividend model and may be buy a few. As they are paying in Sim, i assume that they have a nice dcity project going on.

This is one of the reason I add various tokens . There are wonderful opportunities to invest on hive but most often we don't come across it .

I am glad you are taking interest in this token after I published it , it makes me happy .

Yeah I just discussed with @theguruasia and seems like he handles a lot of Dcity cities to pay the dividends :)

Very cool! I don't own any TAN, but it definitely looks interesting. I am trying to find something new to invest in without spreading myself too thin.

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Amazing :) I am thinking about it too . Until I implemented it ( the code ) I didn't know it paid that much APR . Looks good.

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Yeah, that is pretty awesome!

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My apr on Tan is insane. I never bought any tan only "mined" it then we could :p

Wow I didn't know they could be mined . How do I mine it?

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They cant anymore.

In the beginning you could do !tan but its disable now after the got into phase 2 I think. Somethibg like that xD

Also. Cam you add Utopis? Its a really new coin but with insane payouts :D
Chrono is the founder

Hey I added it yesterday itself

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Damn you are fast man :D haha

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Your working hard with new updates to this tool ;)
Is there some more tokens that will come?

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Yes couple more . A member suggested me to add this so I researched and added it. The team member has asked to look at one more of their own project so I will add it by the end of the week.

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