HLS tool update - UTOPIS added - What's the APR according to latest payout?

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Good evening to everyone , I hope you all are having a great day . This post is to let you know that UTOPIS has been added to the HLS tool .



It is another investment project on Hive Blockchain which is run by @chronocrypto . Check this post to know more about utopis project .

Today @utopis made its first dividends payout .

HLS tool - UTOPIS added to the token list

You can enter your username and select UTOPIS in the left sidebar to get the details -


Since I have already added the data , it won't take much time to load .

Payments will be weekly once ( on Mondays , in HIVE )

137% APR?


According to the tool , it gives 137% APR ? That is insane .

But it actually doesn't , from @brofund-leo's recent post I got to know that the @utopis has made 2 weeks payout at once this time .

So you have to divide it by 2 , which is 68% APR . Yes , it might sound insane but according to the latest payouts it is 68% APR .

Note: This is based on recent price of 3.5 HIVE but if you actually bought UTOPIS at initial price of 2 HIVE , the APR is much better , you will break-even in an year

Engagement project update - Hive giveaway

  1. We are having a good response to the project :) We are seeing more and more delegation to the project everyday from various tokens .

  2. If you finish in Top 20 in CTP + LEO + SPORTS and Top 5 in STEM , you will get 1 Hive from my side . Today's winner was @jfang003 and he received his 1 Hive . This will run till the end of the week so get going .

  3. Sports proposal will most likely pass , if you haven't voted yet - please consider voting for the proposal - https://www.sportstalksocial.com/hive-101690/@amr008/proposal-fund-my-sports-engagement-project

  4. I have started " SPORTS TODAY " daily engagement initiative on sportstalksocail , so look out for the post from @amr008.sports everyday :) Link for todays SPORTS Today post .

Do you hold UTOPIS ? What do you think about the project ?

If you would like to delegate to my engagement project- here are the accounts -

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports


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I picked up some Utopi's the other day. I am pretty happy with where it is sitting at right now. Very cool!

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If it pays at the same rate every week , it will be one of the best investment tokens to look for .

Glad we hopped on the train early.

Man you are really busy these days with updates to the tool! Glad to have you around building stuff to the communities!

Did you buy Utopis?

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I did actually but not too much , I have around 18 UTOPIS at the moment . I do have Hive to buy it but it's just that I am planning to use the Hive for some giveaway .

Man you are really busy these days with updates to the tool! Glad to have you around building stuff to the communities!

Oh yeah it's a pleasure :) I really am loving this but I suck at designing the website though lol .

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Oh yeah it's a pleasure :) I really am loving this but I suck at designing the website though lol .

I think it's fine, the only thing is that you need to ad some ads so you can earn additional tokens to build the project even more :D

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Good to see the new updates. Tested and it works perfectly!

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Great :) Thank you .

Next in my list is TAN but I still am going through how it actually works.

I think that UTOPIS is awesome.

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Same here :) As I mentioned above , if it pays at the same rate every week , we will have a true winner lol

I just read the UTOPIS description. The guy is giving away the products of his mining rig and DoorDash labor? That is insane. How is this sustainable? Energy, maintenance and fuel costs need to be considered.

$0 Electricity cost, earning from DD is part time. Everything is already considered, I have a hybrid car.

Amazing sir! You are generous to give away portions of your hard-earned income. I hope in the future, the project can stabilize and fund itself.

Congrats ,you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on CTPTalk .
You made a total of 3 comments and talked to 2 different authors .
Your rank is 8 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

I am running a Hive giveaway contest too , to win it - you have to be in Top 20 in CTP + LEO + SPORTS + Top 5 in STEM

Today's winner of 1 HIVE each is - jfang003 , amr008 and anderssinho

I don't know how I missed this comment , pardon my ignorance.

I just saw chrono's reply and I am amazed. He has really put everything into place. No doubt this is gonna be a great project.

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He seems very passionate about it. I envy the passion!

True. Anybody who is doing anything passionately should be followed is my principle .

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My only regret is that I didn't buy more. I only bought a small position to ride the wave and I thought it would appreciate in price with some dividends over time.

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I agree. But I think it's still early days and current 3.5 price is also cheap given the first dividends were huge.

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I definitely agree. I added a single UTOPIS at the 3.5 price by selling some DEC from Splinterlands .

I think the first dividend was a double payout but 60% APY is definitely a great investment. I personally like the fact that it helps transfer money into the HIVE ecosystem.

Do you want me to loan you Hive to buy some UTOPIS?

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Nah it's fine. Besides some money that I put into Splinterlands before learning about HIVE, I want to treat this as a challenge without adding any fiat. So everything will be earned in the HIVE blockchain and I think it will also be easier to convince people I know about block chain technology earning you money.

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Totally . I like that but get them while its cheap though lol.

If FOMO kicks in , all the 3.5 will vanish.

I am not worried as there are always new projects springing up. I got 3 UTOPIS right now (2 bought at 2 HIVE and 1 bought at 3.5 HIVE). I do not believe that this will be the only opportunity to earn money but I do think this one has a great chance of succeeding. There are plenty of great projects in HE and there will also be other great projects springing up in the future.

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Very true but sometimes the projects like BRO,SPI,LBI are one in a kind so it is better to hop on early.

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Right on thanks for the tool!

Most welcome :)

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