Including DUNK into the Engagement Project and increasing POB upvotes from 50 to 60 users .

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Good morning to everyone . Hope you all are doing fine .

@rob23 had approached me last week itself about including DUNK into the engagement project but unfortunately I was busy focusing on other real life issues .

I got some time on Sunday and updated the script to include DUNK .




It is a community dedicated to Basketball fans and the creator is @rob23 .

I am always excited to see Sports related tribes coming up . We all know there are a lot of sports fans out there and Basketball has a huge fanbase .

I am all in to support this tribe .

Top 25 engagers

Right now , the curation account will be upvoting top 25 engagers from the front-end .

Front-end ->

If you make a comment from some other front-end but under DUNK tag post it won't be considered for upvotes .

As with all other tribes , the quality is checked by using various factors and the rank and amount of upvotes is decided .

Per day 1000% upvote is divided among top 25 engagers .

Account to delegate to and earn dividends every Sunday

Well @amr008.dunk is the account you can delegate to .

The curation rewards will be sent to the delegators every week on Sunday .

@amr008.dunk is the official curation account for DUNK engagement . So if you see an upvote from that account to any users then that user is engaging well on DUNK .

Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any doubts in the comment section .

POB update

The @amr008.pob is 3rd in the richlist and is growing everyday , thanks to the delegators .

I feel like this is a good time to increase the number of users upvoted .

Till now , we were upvoting top 50 engagers and from now on we will be upvoting top 60 engagers .

Benefits of this

  1. Encourages engagement .
  2. Rewards efforts to engage.
  3. Spreads POB to more number of users .

Once again note that only comments made from the POB front-end is considered for upvotes .

I will release the number of users upvoted and other details next week so that we can see how it has affected .

Keep Engaging and the project will keep rewarding .

Have a good day ahead guys .

Regards , MR.

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i don't know too much about to much about the engagement project so this will give me a good chance to learn and hopefully participate more. But I def like Dunk

Uh la la

I know someone who will be overjoyed at this new development

He is a fan of everything dunk

It's a wonderful initiative, it will encourage engagements in the basketball frontend

Now the game will be more interesting and fun

I give it to those who are into sports and basketball specifically to put in their best, and earn juicy returns

Well done @amr008, you are doing a great job with your engagement projects.

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I just delegated over all of my DUNK over to support the engagement. It has been sitting in my wallet for a while so I am looking forward to it working passively for me.

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I've got some of the DUNK tokens, but I haven't really checked out the frontend at all. The majority of my sports posts (including basketball) fall to the sports talk social group. I've been active in that one for quite some time now.

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Very excited for this project, I hope that it motivates the community to continue to engage and grow. I know that the end of the NBA season is a tough situation for content, but we are lucky enough to have the Olympics, we will have lots to talk about now!

That’s great news
Thanks a lot for all the efforts.
Good luck with the project.
!luv 4

Done, I delegated part of my DUNK. I'm sure you'll get great returns for us, and it will support engagement.
Something I forgot to mention earlier also, but it seems there is an issue with DUNK tokens for your post rewards calculator in your HLS tool app. It always says 0, even for posts/comments I am sure it is not 0. Other tokens, at least the ones I checked, seem to be fine.

this is awesome project !! Delegate my DUNK

Awesome development for all basket ball fans this will make the sport lovers to have some confidence regarding the sport.

With this all basket ball fans will not feel rejected.

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Yay, great addition to the project!

I'll delegate my DUNK

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I've delegated some 200 POB to you yesterday, curious to soo how much monies I will get Sunday :P

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I like the dunk project. So, if i understand corectly i delegate dunk to you and i am paid in dunk for curation? thanks.

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@amr008! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mightyrocklee.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

Way to go @amr008. Another great addition to the Engagement Project. I'll be dusting off my dunk tokens that have been sitting in my wallet and sending them on their way to you.

Thanks for all you do!!!

Like I already said multiple times, this is excellent news. Thanks for doing what was needed to include DUNK in your engagement project. I will definitely delegate and participate in this.

I did not know about this tribe. Will check this tribe and also the token volume in HE. Thanks for sharing and giving another option for holders to delegate and earn delegation rewards.

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Glad to see the engagement project extended to the dunksocial platform. Now things should be more fun over there. DUNK delegation sent to support this initiative.

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Wow this is great adding dunk to the engagement project, i am sure is going to go a long way to motivate the users of dunk community and front end to engage more the dunk front end.

however i have some dunk in my wallet they may not worth much anyway but i will be getting them delegated to you soon.

Thank you for being a pillar that motivate participants in all community/platform to engage more in the community.

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Wonderful news and great to see the account continue to grow. 3rd top account is wonderful!

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This is great! 1000 Dunk incoming. :)

For some reason the vote weight multiplier doesn't seem to be working for me on Dunk Social, so my curation there has been limited due to my Hive VP going to low. This will keep me earning Dunk while I try to figure it out. :)

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It is not configured for Dunk, Better to create a separate Dunk account.

Good to know thanks for the info, you saved me the time trying to figure it out. :)

Better to create a separate Dunk account.

Probably the way I will go eventually.

This a very good development coming from you people.

I love the way you explain it deep down ,so that user's won't come back and complain that they didn't get upvoted even after engaging without confirming the front-end very well.

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